Tuesday, June 28, 2016

That’s a win.

Congratulations go out to the activists, providers, and volunteers who worked so damn hard to defeat a horrible abortion restriction law in Texas way back in 2013, and who fought all the way to the victory at the US Supreme Court yesterday!

Way to work, people!

It is too soon to tell what impact the SCOTUS victory will have on Missouri, but I am hopeful that it provides a tool to dismantle similar anti-abortion laws here and across the country.

 Go. Fight. WIN!


dinthebeast said...

I read that Mississippi wasn't going to be able to close their last clinic, like the gop wanted, but that it was going to take a while to reopen some that had been closed down by what now has been ruled illegal means. All in all, a much needed win for sanity, the way I see it.

-Doug in Oakland

Rosa said...

I don't have anything insightful to add beyond an enthusiastic: YES!

Kazim said...

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