Wednesday, December 19, 2012

After the teddy bear memorials are taken down…

I’ve spent the past few days trying to process the massacre that happened at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown CT.

I’m still working on that.

There was the world before 27 people…20 of them children…were gunned down in school.

It is up to all of us to work on the world after…

…the world left behind after the teddy bear memorials are taken down.


Rileysdtr said...

Heaven save us from people who think it would be a terrific idea to "arm" teachers... I shudder to think of the OK Corral shoot-ups THAT might produce, and the (what is it called when more children die?) "collateral damage" incurred when bullets are flying from MORE directions.

Question - if teachers are armed does that mean Continuing Education credits will include logging X hours at the gun range? Do the folks who think it's a shame the principal wasn't packing assume some sort of John Woo shoot-out where Sister Victoria whips a KG-99 out from under her habit, slaps in the extended, ruler-painted clip and - as a hail of empty brass cartidges hits the ground in slo-mo- wipes out the bad guys with shockingly perfect aim?

(Okay that might be pretty cool. But only in a movie.)

Not to mention - where is the cut-off? 8th grade? Or will we arm high school teachers, too, providing even easier access for gangbangers to have weapons in school?

Would it be all teachers? One per floor? Or perhaps one per curriculum? Heck, the Shop Teacher can run "how to saw off a shotgun barrel" courses....

Would the janitor store a bazooka in his closet behind the mop?

What about the lunch lady? "Don't like my Salisbury Stew, you little bastard? Then eat hot lead!"

I can picture Gym Class... gives Dodge Ball a whole new spin when it's Dodge Bullet.


P.S. Just please, Lord, don't arm the Librarians. My poor heart couldn't take it if Marian the Librarian was packing.

dfdfdfdd said...

Yeah it is really sad, I can't even imagine the hurt those parents

How does a community rise up from such an accident?

We will always have guns,
no matter what the goverment
does to try to stop it.

Just like the distrubition
of drugs.

It's simply a matter of taking care of our families, protecting our children, training our children, and letting them know no matter what they think the world is not safe, and please, please no sugar coding.

I feel honestly it will only
get worse.

dfdfdfdd said...

also follow back, im following you :)

Anonymous said...

From the 911 tapes it sounds like all the shooting occurred within about ten minutes. Very little time for anyone at the school with access to a gun to actually access it and make a difference.

Hattie said...

We have a lot of work ahead of us with all the weapons out there and a big propaganda machine glorifying them.

Anonymous said...

the words "alderaan is peaceful, we have no weapons!" before the Death Star blew it up come readily to mind...

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