Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Consolidating behind Romney…

GOP primary voters in D.C., Maryland, and Wisconsin sent a message yesterday!

Yep, they are consolidating behind Romney…like a jar of bacon grease in a cold ass room.

Romney won all three contests, but that’s not the big news.

The big news…the huge news…the take-away that Team Romney wants to make sure you take away is that Romney finally managed to get über conservative voters to vote for him.

Gingrich and then Santorum had been scoring the super duper “Reagan was soft” John Burch society voters, but that all changed yesterday.

Mmmmhmmm, yesterday Romney broke through…this victory changes EVERYTHING…he’s the main man, now!

I must confess that I’m a wee bit disappointed in yesterday’s GOP primary voters.

Über conservatives had held out in all the previous primaries.


They were like Christina Crawford sitting at the dinner table refusing to eat that raw steak night after night.

And Mitt is Mommie Dearest…always having to have his way and forcing his raw steak on the Christina Burchian voters.

But Christina held strong in the movie!  

Oh, Joan made her pay for it…but Christina wasn’t broken despite all that manipulative abuse.

Not so of über conservative GOP Primary voters based on yesterday’s results.

Either those voters lack the courage of their convictions…

…or Team Romney finally found someone to "motivate" them to take a healthy bite of cold raw steak.

Either way they aint got shit on Miss Christina Crawford.



freebones said...

do you think there is a legitimate threat of obama not winning a second term?

i think the threat exists, but it is minimal. i have not heard anyone but fringe voters angrily proclaiming their hatred for the man.


but of course complacency is the stuff of fools. what are your thoughts?

Shark-Fu said...

ferebones... there is always a threat of losing when one tries to woo the American electorate. I live in Missouri and voters here regularly vote against their own best interest based on social issue manipulation from the right. But right now the GOP seems more interested in their identity crisis than launching a serious campaign for the White House. That will likely shift by the convention, but by then they may have dragged the nominee too far to the right to sell him as a moderate.

I'm feeling that it will be close depends on all the unknowns.

KeptVaughn said...

Ain't NOBODY got shit on Miss Christina! Blink on THAT!

Check out my blog: The Diary of a Kept Man


ChristopherM said...

"Why does everything have to be a contest?!"

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