Friday, December 02, 2011

Keep talking...

Shall we?

Full disclosure – I want Newt Gingrich to be the GOP nominee like a Cubs fan wants her team to beat the White Sox.

He’s a walking and talking content creating machine, y’all!

Example… Newt thinks child labor laws are stupid…and that poor people raise children incapable of working because they’ve never seen anyone work ‘cause the only reason anyone isn’t working right now is because they are too damned ignorant and lazy to figure out how to get one of the fabillion trillion jobs out there.

The thing is that Newt holds misconceptions that too many folks do – that poverty is an inner-city problem, that poor people are lazy, and that the current unemployment crisis is some special kind of thing ‘cause it hit regular people, so folks who have been unemployed or under-employed for decades must have something wrong with them while folks who are newly unemployed are totally different.

Back on earth, poverty is an equal opportunity situation. The newly unemployed provide a damn good example of how the long-term unemployment happens…unemployment + bills + no new jobs = economic drama.

But Newt ain’t trying to hear that shit. 

He wants “inner-city” poor kids to learn how to work by providing janitorial services. In his defense, Newt doesn’t cotillion with the masses much. He’s also not half as clever as he thinks he is…which is why he proposed that janitorial solution without pondering the fact that if there isn’t a janitor then that’s a grown-person job that ain’t being staffed not an unpaid learning opportunity for a 10 year old.


Keep talking, Newt…please…


Mr. Mcgranor said...

I think Child Labor Laws are problematic, because one isn't forced --and that can impair a family run business as well. As for Mr. Gingrich: i wouldn't vote for this Papist and neoconservative for those very two reasons.

Anonymous said...

Newt, Newt~ please go away. Scathing piece in the NYT from Maureen Dowd about the dude.
Love your blog- just found it. I'm not an ABB, but a Cranky White Girl who somehow can relate to all that you write!

charmngbilly said...

glad YOU said it, i can't without sounding...."mean."


Anonymous said...

Let Newt keep on'll just ensure that Obama gets another term as President.

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