Thursday, November 03, 2011

On confidentiality agreements and a front-runner who didn’t learn a damn thing from history – Follow the Smell of Bullshit…

Shall we?

No…they aren’t being harsh or overzealous.

Journalists are sharks…and Herman Cain poured a bucket of blood in the water when he was first confronted about this shit.

When first confronted, Cain didn’t answer questions about whether he’d ever been accused of sexual harassment.

And that was the last thing the man did right.

Catch thy knee – I’m gonna wait until the facts about the harassment claims come out before I add that all of this shit could be avoided if people cease sexually harassing co-workers in the first damn place.


Clearly there are confidentiality agreements. After the initial confrontation, Cain had a solid 24 hours to come up with a crisis management plan...and the top bullet point to that shit should have been Hide Your Black Ass Behind the Motherfucking Confidentiality Agreement.

But no…Herman Cain had to be Herman Cain. So we the people who are such political junkies that we follow this shit months before the first GOP primary have been treated to a master class in mismanagement and fucked up from the floor up messaging.

Not because Herman Cain is black…this shit is happening because Herman Cain is was the front-runner and failed to plan for being the front-runner because he’s a pompous ass who thinks he can talk himself out of anything – a belief which was probably bolstered by his ability to spin himself more than one settlement complete with confidentiality agreements when claims of sexual harassment were made against him.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

The Ann Coulters and Rush Limbaughs of the world have rushed to play with this fresh clay…eagerly seeking attention with claims like “our blacks are better than their blacks” or rants about how all of this is happening because Herman Cain is black and conservative.

But GOP voters need to take a big sniff and note the unusually large quantity of flies.

Back in the day this kind of fumbling confusion in response to a scandal would be understandable.

But this is the post-Clinton, post-Edwards era…and the press has learned from watching two high profile men who were or could have been President of the United States attempt to bob and weave their way through sex-based accusations that were later proven to be beyond true.

Not uncovering this shit would be damn near criminal.

Which begs the question…is Politico just that good or is the herd just that fearful of doing their damn job?

Either way, the water is still pink.

Trust a bitch…this frenzy won’t end until shark teeth sink into flesh.

Pause…sip more coffee…continue.

As for Cain’s claims that the Perry campaign is behind this shit, I have to suspend my initial dismissal of that.

The Perry campaign is like any other political campaign and thus capable of digging up dirt.

Just because they couldn’t find their ass with both hands when Perry’s hunting lodge came back to bite him doesn’t mean they can’t drop a morsel of scandal-based kibble into a famished reporter’s mouth.

Add to that the fact that Chris Wilson, a GOP pollster and Perry supporter, seems to know an awful lot about sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain and…well, let’s just say the right side of the political waiting room is ripe with the smell of shit from a bull.

Did the entire GOP class flunk Campaigning 101?

Perry now claims that no one in his campaign knew anything about this and they all found out when the rest of the world that actually gives a shit did.

If that’s true…and they have a pollster in their midst who seems to have intimate details about Herman Cain and sexual harassment…then Team Perry is even more fucked up than I initially thought.

***rubs hands together***

This political theater better last until Downton Abbey comes back on the television.



Buffy said...

What a pompous ass he is! When he denies his inappropriate behaviors and not treat the situation with the humility and remorse required, it sends a message to the women he's offended that he's NOT sorry. And it further encourages them to talk. Dumb ass.

Buffy said...

Anytime a man has to get an attorney involved, it means he was too arrogant to concede to a woman that he's used bad manners and has behaved poorly. A woman with hurt feelings can make for a furious flurry of legal papers. Not every woman is content with allowing a man to smear his bullshit on her.

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