Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What they're not talking about…

I’m in such a foul mood, y’all.

I may need to schedule a day of happiness this week to try and shake this shit off!

Anyhoo, I’ve been sitting here watching Good Morning America chew on the Arnold “love child” bone and…well, I’m disappointed.

And the choir asked… “In Arnold?”

No, chil’ren.

I don’t know Arnold or his life!

For all I know he’s a serial asshole and everyone who knows him is completely unsurprised at this public display of assholia.

No, I’m disappointed that this opportunity to discuss safer sex is being lost.

Every time some politician reveals an affair the media digs into the inner workings of his or her marriage and who the other person is.

In the case of Arnold, the press is frenzied trying to out the other woman involved…find out the age of the child…and explore the length and width of Arnold’s betrayal.

But when these affairs are revealed my first thought is whether the individuals involved have been tested for sexually transmitted infections and whether they practiced safer sex like using a condom.

I’ve had friends come to me after finding out that their partner cheated and my first advice is always for them to get tested…always.  

Cheating on it’s own equals an automatic trip to a health care center.

Cheating that results in a pregnancy…well, that ups the urgency in my book.

Sexually transmitted infections don’t give a shit about fame or celebrity or money.

This is a teachable moment in a lot of ways...a teachable moment about safer sex and consequences and EC and testing and honesty between partners and trust within sexual relationships.

But here I am listening to reporters and contributors go on and on about pre-nups and tweets and careers and the emotional toil of infidelity…

…yet no one is talking about the fact that at some point sperm entered vagina and all parties involved should be tested.


Oh well, now they're talking about how Maria was a tower of strength and dignity in a sassy blue dress at the Oprah spectacular last night.

Never mind.



Andrea said...

This is awesome. AWESOME.

Thought you'd also enjoy Rachel Maddow's explanation to men of the benefits of Planned Parenthood's services, in language men can understand.

Broceliand said...

Thank you! That was the first thing which occurred to me, too. Totally irresponsible not to practice safe sex, especially when you are potentially exposing your spouse without their knowledge.

TruthSmidgen said...

I appreciate this so much. I agree this is a story about two people having unprotected sex.

However, understanding whether said sex was "high risk" would require me to know much too much about all the parties involved...I don't want to watch media figures investigate when Arnold and Maria last had sex, whether his relationship with the baby-mama was sexually exclusive, whether this last straw admission was of extra-marital sex or of procreation.

I still kind of believe in a right to privacy...even though my reading of gossip sites might suggest behavioral inconsistency.

Vesuvian Woman said...

Sistah, I am with you in spirit. I'm taking the day tomorrow to celebrate every beautiful thing about me ; )

Caring is exhausting...

SouthlandDiva said...

Much like Broceliand my thoughts went to the appalling lack of safe sex practiced by this man who MUST know better!! I just don't get it! Sexually transmitted diseases do not discriminate!

Glad to see you broach the topic.


klm said...

I thoroughly, totally, unequivocally agree with you. Yes, people can get STDs or pregnant when using condoms but let's be real: most of the people sitting at the doctor's office desperately hoping the test results are negative didn't use protection.

For decades now, Maury has been having his 'Who's the daddy?' shows. I've been waiting for a 'Who did I get HIV from?' show. It's disappointing that 30 some years after AIDS entered the National awareness, people are still sleeping around and thinking that STDs won't happen to them.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Damn AB! We do thuink alike. When I heard that shit my first thought was "he didn't use a condom?" Then I thought, oh, you're just being trivial Sagacious, get over it. Thank you for coming along and setting me straight. It IS a big deal and somebody SHOULD be raising that question!

Now I've got a question for you and possibly some fodder for a post. . . wassup with Cornell West dissin on Obama?! Kinda got down on Mr. President's blackness and stuff. I'm thinkin that Dr. West ought to take things to a little higher level. . . or maybe I hold him in too high regard?

Paper Boy said...

It's interesting how folks discuss 'std's' and sorts, when referring to celebs or other rich ass folk martial affairs. If you've had even the slightest opportunity to mingle with these socialites, one would know and understand small inconveniences like "std's" condoms and such are the least bit of their concern or worries. These men and women have top notch health care and they keep their shit tight; believe that. Though they may be heartless and selfish, they're not 'Magic Johnson'.

Denise said...

Thank you thank you thank you.

Anonymous said...

Your problem here is that you still think the press conciders itself a vehicle for teaching. They are out to spread gossip and make money that is their role. And they do it very, very well. No matter the avenue they are all the same. Investigative and journalism that teaches is dead.

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