Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ah, morning television…

I caught the first half hour of Good Morning America today and…well, let me tell you it was a wild and crazy ride.

Sarah Palin is on a magical mystery bus tour to parts undisclosed.

Mmmhmm, Palin refuses to say where she’s going.

Reporters are left to either grab content of the tour from FOX (the only network with coverage of the tour and also Palin’s current employer)…or reporters can chase after the Palin bus as it darts to historic landmarks on it’s way to New Hampshire (allegedly and not confirmed…probably overheard at a Starbuck’s before or after the Memorial Day Harley ride).

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Almost a candidate, Palin says she owes nothing to the mainstream media…she wants to see them work for their coverage of her…so she’s waging a maverickish war on traditional politics by chugging across America in a Where’s Waldo revival.

If this shit is a glimpse into how she’d govern…well, I guess the masses will have to decide if they want the Executive Branch to be run like a trivia night fundraiser.


After covering Palin, Good Morning America moved on to Rep. Bachmann.  George asked Bachmann whether she’d support the Ryan budget…if she’d sign into law as President what she voted for in Congress. 

Bachmann attempted to do a political two-step, but it came across as more of an awkward rope a dope…and the rope won.

Or was it the dope?


Bachmann supports the Ryan budget…but wouldn’t say if she’d sign it if she were President...but, heck yeah she voted for it!  She somehow thinks that America will be able to focus on cures for major illnesses…like how we did for Polio…but she offers no framework through which that kind of effort could be achieved.  Bachmann likes Palin…they’re friends…she wants to be compared to President Obama…has raised 28 children in her house…and will be making an announcement in Waterloo Iowa but won’t say what she’s gonna announce but trust that it’s gonna be a whopper!

Pause…sip more coffee…continue.

Lawd, have mercy – if this is a taste of the race for the GOP nomination to come, I’m going to make some popcorn and enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

Make the pop corn...I am not sure how enjoyable the show will be. Most of the mainstream media have nothing to lose if any of the current republican proofs of evolution ascend to the office of President and much to gain by chronicalling the swing down from the trees. Alot of other people have alot at stake.

Anonymous said...

Sad thing is, they will probably spend a huge amount of time following Palin. Once again I need to damn MaCain to hell for ever bringing this woman out of Alaska. Anyone who is like her and can convince themselves and others that they are relevant really needs help.

faraway66 said...

i didn't make it up...but what describes her action best is to say she is "waging a ditzkrieg"

D W JazzLover said...

I have one question! Why are we giving this woman any attention at all...Her base thinks just like her...Let them have her...She will eventually hang herself...JMHO

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