Monday, April 25, 2011

I know the one thing I did right was the day I started to fight...

It’s Monday, y’all…and I’m still waiting for justice.

Shall we?

Last week the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published a Letter to the Editor from a representative of Missouri Right to Life defending that organization's race-baiting fundraising billboard campaign that indicts the humanity of black women allegedly to trigger a dialogue.

I searched the St. Louis Post’s website for an article about Missouri Right to Life’s racist billboards and came up empty…which had me scratching my Afro, because one would think that there would be an article before there is a Letter to the Editor.   

How confused readers must be as they read a defense of something they haven’t first been informed of. 


But hey, maybe I’m just missing the article that sparked the MRL LTE – do send a link if you find one.

Anyway, several women of color...myself included...sent letters to the editor in response that have yet to be published.

We shall see if the St. Louis Post-Dispatch offers black women equal time to defend ourselves against Missouri Right to Life's attack on our humanity.

Tick tock goes the clock…


Roz B said...

May I ask what truth they are talking about? What statistics do they use to justify targeting Black women and the right to choose? It is an egregious campaign that is not being repeated in predominantly White communities or other ethnic populations, so i am not understanding the focus on why our wombs are that much more dangerous.

I hope they keep vandalizing the billboard. Maybe soon it will go away.

Kathryn Bjornstad-Kelly said...

That's ridiculous. Why would they print a letter from him before printing letters from black women who (rightfully) object to the racist messages the Missouri Right to Life promotes? They're willing to discriminate against as many people as they can to get abortions to stop. And if someone is liberal, feminist, female, non-white, non-Christian, poor, or all of the above, they apparently deserve to be called dangerous and to be slut-shamed. I really hate that the Post-Dispatch considered the racist, sexist jerk's words to be more important than the words of the women he's hurting.

Shark-Fu said...


I too am confused and concerned that the Post published an LTE about a story they have yet to cover from a rep. of and organization currently engaged in a fundraising campaign based on racist stereotypes and bigotry.

The Post did publish my LTE Monday and another woman of color's LTE condemning this campaign - but that does not absolve them of the bizarre decision to publish the MRL LTE last week.

Please see my post titled Equal Time Granted.

And thank you for your support!


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