Friday, March 21, 2008

So very not shocked…

Lawd, a bitch is shocked and I’m sure you are too!

****gasp and then gasp once more****

I mean that shit came out of left field, didn’t it?

To think that my Sharktastic March Madness Bracket was almost destroyed by Belmont…well, that was unexpected.



Oh, did you think I was talking about that Obama passport bitness?

Child, please!

Anyone who was able to achieve shock over the news that this administration broke the law and violated the privacy of a citizen then shrugged it off with the casual mid-level disclosure equivalent of “So?” needs to slap themselves twice and apologize for thinking.

Why Anyone Able to Achieve Shock over this Shit Should Slap Themselves twice then apologize…

Let’s see….ummm…

Slap #1 - This administration is currently maintaining a hostile posture against the Constitution of the United States of America and towards the masses over granting AT&T and other collaborators retroactive immunity for handing over Lawd Knows What related to the private conversations of Citizens and you’re shocked that three contractors on three separate occasions decided to dip into the passport records of Senator Obama?

Or are you shocked that management didn’t follow protocol and report that shit up?

Or is it that you’re shocked that, once again, this administration doesn’t even respect the masses enough to rustle up a decent cover-up?

Fuck it…get to slapping!

Slap #2 - How many times do you have to be shown that this administration doesn’t give a flying shit about the law or privacy before you lift you head out of your apathetic bowl of soggified Corn Flakes and say “OMG, they don’t give a shit about the law or privacy!!”?

Lawd, give me strength…


Angry African on the Loose said...

Did you see the dates they checked Obama's passport? Day after NH, Day of Texas debate and ay of Wright news. I smell a Oliver Stone movie coming up. I blogged about it on my View of the Weakly News

L. Jackson said...

roflmao...u are killing me with your off the wall sense of humor..when I can stop laughing, will cry over the sad state of affairs, then shake my head for I know how right u are for all the 'stupid pills' admin. tries to pass off!

soopermouse said...

Actually, the employee guilty of this was hired by a pricvate company, whose CEO is an advisor to the Obama campaign.

Go figure how that plays out.

Dusty said...

Another reason to quit outsourcing our contractors.