Monday, March 31, 2008

A thank you and a quick lobby day follow-up...

This bitch had a fantabulous time in Boston!

Well, actually we were in Cambridge…but there was still chowdah to be had, so it was all good.

Hugs and adoration to the fantabulous WOC bloggers I finally got to meet in person and a HUGE thank you followed by a hug Kierra at Choice USA for asking me to be on her panel!

Pause…stretch out travel kinks…continue.

Shall we?

A follow-up to PROMO’s Lobby Day…
This bitch wanted to direct all y’all to the Pam’s House Blend post regarding an incident that happened whilst we were lobbying last week.

Two teens were refused a meeting with a certain Rep. Jane Cunningham because their appearance offended her. Oh, and the fact that they were trying to discuss the need for LGBT teens to be protected from bullying at school was most likely another affront to her distorted senses.


This…what the hell is she…person? the Chair of the Elementary and Secondary Education Committee of the Missouri House of Representatives! For the love of all that is logical, remove her at once before she refuses to meet with any more of the youth she is supposed to represent.

And people ask me why my ass is angry...

Please read the post at Pam’s House Blend for information on PROMO's action petition.

Thank you Pam Spaulding for getting the word out on this!


Anonymous said...

I don't know that the elected official's actions were bigotted but they are unprofessional and she needs to know that. Her job is to listen to the people who have appointments with her. She can throw up or whatever afterwards or comment in private but she must listen bottmline. My hope is that these kids will continue to take advantage of these days eventhough they were so unceremoniously dismissed this time.

And seriously some of those piercings people have these days are really hard to look at. We all know this to be true.

Shark-fu said...

Aw now, Anon... Rep. Cunningham is kinda hard to look at and those students were willing to tough it out (wink).

Anyhoo, my impression was that the youth were inspired and planned to get other students involved in politics. Good stuff!

michaelTO said...

Dear Sharkfu

Congrats on your trip. Glad you got back safely. Read about that heifer calling them children vomit inducing and it got my blood up. I had to sit right down, as Fats Waller wrote, and write Miss No Thing a letter about herself. People seem forget that the word SERVANT is part and parcel and being a Public Servant.

tubesy said...

Oh...that story made me sick to my stomach! I wonder if she says that about folks who were born with atypical appearances.

bfp said...

It was FAB seeing you at the conference again, I loved hearing your words of wisdom at the woc luncheon thing!

sorry I couldn't get to see YOUR panel, will you be posting about it?

Anonymous said...

Guess what! More of us may be able to (not) vote for her. She's running for the Missouri State Senate:

I believe her opponent is Neal St. Onge who is backing Shamed Dogan to fill his old seat: