Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lobby Day Recap…

Someone needs to make a work-out video based on lobbying in Jefferson City.

A bitch is serious!

Lobbying is a fucking work-out that involves the running of stairs and the locating…or chasing down (wink)…of legislators.

This bitch is exhausted...and my knees are killing me...but I think I see some muscle definition in my thigh, for real.



A bitch was in Jefferson City with PROMO to lobby on behalf of MONA and an anti-bullying Safe Schools bill. Although many Representatives and Senators are supportive and agree that Missourians should not fear being fired or discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or perceived orientation, we’ve got some who don’t have a problem with that kind of discrimination at all.

As tragic as that is, I have to say that yesterday was an inspiration and worth a vacation day.

150 people from all over Missouri got their lobby on and I am so proud to have been in that number.


Power comes to the people when the people exercise our power...


CR said...

I lobbied at my state legislature for the first time a month or so ago. Some of us from a community organizing group lobbied on immigration, health care, payday loans, and tax loopholes. It is a workout, but I think the fact that regular, working citizens take time off to travel to the Capitol and express support or opposition for an issue makes an impression on the legislators.

Congratulations on getting 150 people there! And you are spot on about power.

Katie: said...

You are my hero.

Please run for president.

You already have legions of ABB supporters on whose votes you can count!

J. said...

I'm glad that people turned out for the super important work of chasing down elected officials and holding them accountable. Its days like these that I miss being in KC.

Also wanted to send out a call to those in Kansas City. The City Council will have a vote on updating the city's nondiscrimination ordinance to include gender identity.
More info here.

libhom said...

Thanks for your efforts and your patience. If I had to talk to most politicians, I would be screaming at them in a few minutes.