Monday, March 24, 2008

My Patriot Rant (revised a wee bit)...

C-Money and this bitch have been watching John Adams on HBO. So far so good, but a bitch is a fan of revolution (wink) and my ass has been known to watch the same episode of The Revolution on The History Channel multiple times without getting bored.

Some people watch American Idol…a bitch watches reenactments of the American Revolution.



This bitch has been known to go off on a rant over patriotism in a heartbeat. Nothing gets me more fired up than ig’nant as hell accusations that questioning our government and speaking out about governmental bullshit is unpatriotic. Well, that shit has reared up again and I am beyond tired of hearing it!

Pause…crack knuckles…continue.

This government is still of a bitch, by a bitch and for a this bitch has revised my Patriot Rant a wee bit…

ABB’s Patriot Rant (revised a wee bit)…

Most Americans study the Revolutionary War at some point in our lives. Along with the details of specific battles and historic moments, that history provides a very clear understanding of what an American patriot was and is.

This nation was founded by radicals. The rest of the folks were loyal to the monarchy. Speaking out against the monarchy was illegal…they called it sedition and it was punishable under law. Every single published quote…every single speech…every public gathering or meeting…every act of melting household items to make bullets or hoarding food to feed soldiers…all of that shit was radical as a motherfucker.

So, when my fellow citizens verbalize a blind and unquestioning respect of an elected office rather than question flawed policy those people are speaking the language of the loyalist not the patriot. And when citizens chastise fellow citizens for criticizing our government they are speaking the language of the loyalist and not the patriot.

A bitch is concerned that some of us who have been born Americans really don’t understand the responsibility of citizenship. It is important to remember that the final check in the check & balance plan is the power invested in each of us to check our government on bullshit.

We tarnish our legacy and insult our history when we embrace the ideology of non-involvement, blind trust and apathy rather than live up to our responsibility to question elected officials over the shit they do in our name.

We have a role to play and that role is to be active vote, challenge and critique our government so that is shall be a government of the people, by the will of the people and answerable in all ways to the people.


Read Thomas Paine and you will read the language of the questioner…the challenger…the patriot.


Read Alexander Hamilton and you will feel the passion and careful consideration of the role of political power literally vibrate off the page.


Read John Adams and you will be reading the words of a man who left family and home when his nation called upon him to serve and who railed at Congress so that they would stand up against tyranny and oppression.

People, we have a role to play…and those who tell us not to play it are anything but patriots.

And forget not that it was the patriotic spirit that fueled the masses through the Civil War, the Suffrage Movement, the Labor Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the many Anti-War movements and the Feminist Movement.

Those movements, which shaped our nation, where populated by people whose actions where those of responsible citizens and who were being radical within the framework of a nation that infuses radical responsibility into the citizen contract.

What has been established in our name…by the blood, sweat and tears of citizen patriots…is ours to uphold.

This bitch is prepared to go to the wall in defense of that shit...with my fist raised and my voice loud…and I damn anyone who dare call me unpatriotic for doing so.

Here endeth the lesson.


roslynholcomb said...

This may be your best ever. Seriously, you brought your A game to this one.

Angry African said...

Yes, you are right. But I came from Africa to this joint 18 months ago. And this takes too much from an old soul. I might just have written my last blog about politics in America. I have written about Obama being the American Mandela, the burden of the hope he brings, and the man he is in his own right. But I don’t know anymore. I still believe in Obama, but I just don’t believe in American politics anymore. If this is how they want to play politics in America then I don’t want to play anymore. This is too sick. This is nothing to be proud of. Yes, they won - the cynics and morally corrupt. This is just not right. This is not what people fought for and died for. The Founding Father would be ashamed. And so should America.

Leota2 said...

Perfect .
I shall pass this on and on . . . . .

Shark-fu said...

angry african...
I must disagree - the Founding Fathers would be shocked to hear this election being called nasty. Hell, this government has been the site of fierce battles throughout our history - there's a reason canes are banned from Congress and it has something to do with Preston Brooks beating Senator Charles Sumner back in 1856.

American Democracy is often painful - that comes from everyone having a voice. And American Democracy sure as shit ain't easy - no one should every think it is.

This shit has always been, is now and will always be work. We the people are what makes it worth fighting for even as our presence is required in the battle...

roslynholcomb said...

We've certainly had uglier elections. Some that have resulted in duels and other bloodshed. Comparatively speaking, this one probably isn't ugly enough considering the issues at stake.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Excellent rant BLady!
I too am a fan of The Revolution's history. I just finished a Hamilton bio.
Been all over Boston from a historical perspective.
One of my favorite books is "Patriots."
Despite their short comings, they were some men who came together under extraordinary circumstances, rose to the occasion and produced and extraordinary result. I cringe to think of the opportunity that would be lost were those circumstances presented in our own time.
YES! Americans are fucking ignorant of their responsibilities and their rights.

Blue said...

Excellent, Bitch. You do know however that Paine was an atheist and therefore, according to recent polls, should be both discounted as well as hated more than those awful gay people or Muslims or ...

Yep, if it were up to those New Jersey loyalists we'd be speaking the Queen's English.

Criticism is the duty of a patriot ... to form a more perfect (or at least less imperfect) union and all that.

As Teddy R said, "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public".

Or Edward R. Murrow: We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies, I think the soul of America dies with it.

Viva la revolucion!

Brother OMi said...

ironically, it was partisan politics that the founding fathers wanted to avoid yet they fell victim to it as well.

i just wish people read the constitution a little bit more closely, they probably wouldn't be half as mad as they are now.

there is a saying: "if americans knew how sausages and politics were made, they would not sleep at night.."

someone else said "politics is war without bloodshed... and war is politics with bloodshed..."

AOB said...

Check out a small paperback book "We The People" By Thom Hartman, It is drawn like a comic book...what an eye opener!!!

You are so right ABB, people these days do not understand the importance of their RESPONSIBILITY to keep an eye on what the government is doing. This country was born of radical thoughts and ideas and actions and must continue as such.

AOB said...

If one thinks that Bush has a monopoly on restricting freedom, read the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 promoted by John Adams...the public outcry against these acts after Benjamin Franlins grandson BF Bache was arrested were responsible for the election of Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson pardoned all of the detainees and restitution was made by Congress.

There is nothing new under the sun....

Rileysdtr said...

No American Idol? Why that's unamerrikin.

(Plus you'd rather watch the History Channel? I hate to be the one to tell you this, but methinks thou art a nerd, Little Sister...)

And yes, this is how we play politics in America, but it's a big, messy Democracy of over 300 million people, which means anything done on a national basis means herding an awful lot of cats... we also as a people tend to run high on rugged (and cranky)individualism; it's part of our mythos.

--Blue Girl said...

there's a reason canes are banned from Congress and it has something to do with Preston Brooks beating Senator Charles Sumner back in 1856

And his constituents sent him more canes, they so approved of his actions.

Excellent rant, one I wish I had written. (wink!)

I have no intention of playing nice so long as the Constitution remains abrogated. Fuck the niceties. It's all about that god-damed piece of paper for me.

We didn't get into this mess because people were reasonable and "nice" and that ain't gonna save our asses, either.

J at said...

Definitely some of your better bitching. Love every word.

Katie: said...

Why can't I cast my presidental vote for you?

You are the answer to America's prayers.

Dusty said...

As always you make me think Shark Fu.

Thank you for this wonderful read. It made my week, perhaps my month.

more cowbell said...

Hmm, sounds like you need to forward this post right on up to the nation's capitol and take GeeDubya to school.

Anonymous said...

I read your post as a column in the Chicago Sun-Times today. Excellent, excellent work. I, too, have grown tired of the so-called patriots who agree with everything their government does. You are correct, that is NOT patriotism. They need to read all of the authors you referenced to truly understand that love of country is NOT the same as love of government. Bless you for speaking out.

Dewey said...

Thank you for this. I just read it out loud to my family. I'm going to thumbs up it, digg it, whatever I can to get it spread around.