Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Briefly pondering…

This bitch wasn’t going to get into the Spitzer sex scandal case but I can’t help myself. It was already fantastically graphic and juicy and then the new governor stepped in with information about his outside the bounds of traditional sanctified marriage sex for the sake of fucking sex past infidelity.


Pause…fan thyself…continue.

Regarding Client #9…
From what I gather, Spitzer has made some serious enemies…he held himself up as a new Untouchable and he knew better than anyone that he was breaking the law. The higher they climb the taller the pile of bullshit beneath their arse upon which they eventually fall.

Regarding Governor Paterson's revelations…
Talk about getting in front of a scandal! I now know more about the history of the Paterson union and additional unsanctified unions than this bitch ever wanted to know in life.

Is this what the future of politics will look like?

Campaign commercials will open with a montage of former sex partners with voice-over talent detailing the complete sexual history of the candidate including references (gasp!) and ending with the candidate declaring “I’m XXX and I approve this message.”

Lawd, if this keeps up Meet the Press is going to require parental guidance…


Rileysdtr said...

Hahahahahahahaha. But after all inquiring (dirty) minds want to know, right? This inquiring mind wants to know the following -

Will the FCC censor Fox News for salacious content?

Will Primary Debates be sponsored by Axe Body Spray?

Will "60 Minutes" take on a whole new meaning?

What will become of giving your opponent the shaft?

And just think of the campaign theme songs... one thing's for certain, Marvin Gaye will enjoy a resurgence in popularity.

glenise said...

between the spizers, the pattersons, and, lawd have mercy, the mcgreevys, i know entirely too much about the sex lives of my politicians (i live in new york)!!!

i want off this ride!

look, if you're in or aspire to public office, just DO RIGHT so i don't have to be afraid to boot up my computer every morning... afraid of what blue notes might await me there ;)

Melissa McEwan said...

I now know more about the history of the Paterson union and additional unsanctified unions than this bitch ever wanted to know in life.

LOL! Totally.

L.Jackson said...

Public confession seems to be the norm nowadays from preachers, politicians, and anyone else who wants to embarrass others..nothing like putting gf's, wife, kids, & parents shame out on the blocks..shaking head, sick world here.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that there is no way in hell as a wife I would be up on that podium standing behind the asshole who cheated on me. I absolutely hate that! It makes women look like idoits. All bets are off once you do something as crazy as he has done, face the music on your own I say. You made the decision to be with prostitutes on your own now face the music!Damn!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: I don't know about that. It's one thing if you just found out your spouse cheated on you. In that case there's no way I'd play the loving and supportive wife. But it sounds like she knew about the cheating years ago, so she's had time to come to whatever conclusions she would. I can't say I would never ever forgive cheating from my spouse -- it really would depend on what he did afterwards, how counseling sessions went, etc.

I do think it is terribly crass how much interest the media has in our politician's sex lives. That shit doesn't belong in a news conference!