Friday, March 07, 2008

A response and a redirect…

A certain Coco (this bitch is beyond jealous of that name, m’dear…fantabulous!) e-mailed to express her concern that a bitch called out Senator Clinton on that McCain Commander and Chief Test thing but failed to call out Samantha Power for her “monster” comment.

Coco, a bitch wrote my Commander and Chief post last night. I wasn’t aware of Samantha Power’s comments until this morning. And, even if I had been aware, that Commander and Chief Test shit would have gotten a solo response.

Having said that, Ms. Power has expressed that her comments were wrong and apologized for them. Senator Obama has also gone on record decrying (denouncing...rejecting...Lawd!) the comments. And when I factor in that Rovian playbook diss with that Ken Starr-esque indictment, I think we have an ugly as hell negative wash.

I also think Democrats are well on their way to fucking up in that same tired assed fucked up ‘Democrats are their own worst enemy’ way.


Every single issue not being discussed right now matters to me. I can attach a name…a person…a situation to all of them. Healthcare, reproductive choice, the war, the environment, education and the economy are the real issues Americans need to hear about–bullshit over campaign tactics is the distraction.

This bitch would like to see less talk about Mr. Harper’s government (y’all know a bitch loves me some Canadians, but that Harper fellow and his minions need to chill...stat) and more talk about NAFTA.

I want to hear less talk about staffers behaving badly and more talk about how these people plan to get shit done.

I want to see less adoration of Senator McCain and more discussions about how they plan beat him.

We, the people, can not afford this shit anymore than we can afford four more years of the fuck up that just keeps fucking…


justinian said...

I agree. This pre-campaign campaigning has focused on superficial aspects of the candidates' images instead of their plans for what they will do in office, their choices on the major issues you listed, their goals for this country, etc.

Do you know any objective site that could help people differientiate the candidates for themselves? The only separation I've heard about Obama and Clinton is their possible differences in health care: that Clinton wants everyone in this country to have access to health care while Obama wants most to have access to healthcare.

I'm sure there are plenty more to look into. If we had somewhere to look.

Shark-Fu said...

Great question!

Check out RH Reality Check for candidates responses to their choice questionnaire.

Check out their voting records on key issues online at Project Vote Smart ( or go directly to the source at the Senate web site.

Check out all endorsements and how they came to be.

I also recommend calling the local campaign office and asking a local person to talk to you about the plans...not spin you, but talk to you. See how they make the case for their candidate.

And always read the plans at each candidates web site. What is detailed is almost as interesting as what is missing.

Get after it!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that Power didn't have her brain on edit and her mouth on a 5 second delay, because she has expertise on important issues.

Project Vote Smart rocks!


Anonymous said...


Steven D

bitchphd said...

Yes. Not to mention that the commander-in-chief thing was just blatantly undermining the Dems, full stop, whereas the Power statement, though sexist, was sexist in a pretty minor way and doesn't fucking actually *affect* anything.

Also, of course, everything ABB said.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I SO agree with you on the adoration thing needing to stop. I've heard enough about John McCain being a hero; don't mean to burst the fawning bubble, but it doesn't matter what kind of hero he is if he would continue to fuck things up if he became preznit (highly likely). Shit!

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Great post. It echoes the feeling of every friend I have and almost all the people I know, including Hillary supporters, feminist friends who are beginning to see her for what she is: Ambitious and power hungry. Nothing more.

Related to your no-issue-discussing criticism of this race is the Clinton strategy of roughing Obama up to the convention, thinking that super delegates will consider him damaged goods and choose her. But this will backfiree for two reasons: she will lose all black votes and many women will decide not to vote for her, because they see that Hillary's ambition is greater than any loyalty to the democratic party or the issues that you mentioned and we all would like to discussed.

What Hillary is doing through her scorched earth strategy is saying, "If I can't get the nomination, I don't care what happens to the democratic party or America."

She has already thrown Obama under the bus. Before it's over, she's going to throw the democratic party under it as well.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Great post. It echoes the feeling of every friend I have and almost all the people I know, including Hillary supporters, mostly my feminist women friends who are beginning to see Hillary more and more not as a woman so much as an overly ambitious, power-hungry centrist politician who feels that the US presidency is not just a privilege but an entitlement.

Related to your no-issue-discussing criticism of this race is the Clinton strategy of roughing up Obama all the way to the convention, hoping that the super delegates she and Bill will have bought off with promises of various positions will consider Obama damaged goods and choose her.

This strategy will backfire for two reasons: The super delegates will choose Obama over her, not only because Obama will be the best bet to beat McCain, but to keep the party together. Black super delegates will abandon her because they know that, if they vote for Hillary, they will not be reelected.

I know it's crazy that issues are not really being discussed in this primary. But the positive thing is that Hillary is being exposed for what she really is: a centrist, beltway politician whose ambition is greater than any loyalty to the democratic party, Americans or any issues, even health care.

In the process, she is throwing not only Obama but the entire democratic under the bus as well. In the end, the super delegates will get it and choose Obama over her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those links . Was wondering about sites other than the candidates themselves . Here's another , if you want to follow the money .

ps Colbert did a great "The Word" segment Thurs. , skewering all the scaremongering, including the Hillary 3am video. "AT&Traitor" . During the interview segment ,John Legend had a great comment about patriotism and criticism (@~4:45 in) .

SagaciousHillbilly said...

There's a big difference between calling someone a "monster" (in a way that only meant she was acting monsterous. . . people need to read the context) and actually making an endorsement of the candidate of the other party over the likely candidate from her own party. The Clintons are self absorbed, 'win at all costs' low lifes.

more cowbell said...

And just when I thought it was safe to look at the issues again, the Repub side goes and flings that "back of the bus comment out, trying to stir up even more dust with the Dems. (and then she wanted to act like she had no idea what she'd said) link here

I'm an Obama supporter, but it took me a while to get there, and I still had respect for Clinton. Her negative methods the last couple of weeks though ... she's too savvy for that, it shows me a bit of how she'd handle stress/opposition in the job. I wish she'd look at the bigger picture and stop this crap.

Obama, on the other hand ... she can't ruffle him. He's shown cool headed collaboration, and has (so far) refused to respond in kind, which also shows me something about how he'd handle the job.

Anonymous said...

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