Monday, December 12, 2005


Tookie Williams has been denied clemency by Gov. Schwarzenegger.


Maven said...

It's going to be pure and utter mayhem on CNN tonight!

Shark-Fu said...

A bitch is already preparing for it.





TiVo...back in love with my ass!

Let the media frenzy begin.

Splattering Words said...

Kind of makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

ABB, you can imagine how tired I am already about the speculation of 'unrest' tonite in 'primarily African American areas' because of this.


Anonymous said...

11:56. Living in Long Beach, 5 minutes before... well, before.

I had actually hoped.

Now, I'll just hope that this doesn't make things too much worse.

11:57. I think I need to go to bed before 12:01 arrives.

Homer said...

I'm so sick of "the state" killing people via wars, executions, pollution, etc. I wonder if people will some day look back at us with disgust and horror.

Anonymous said...

Do your think that instead of being called "conservative", the GOP should be called the "regressive" party?

Anonymous said...

I didn't stay up to watch the circus. Execution as a theatre-in-the-round spectacle sickens me. It's medieval. Step right up for your media pass! Put the grieving friends and family members in the front row, but in a location that requires the condemned to crane their necks awkwardly to see them--it adds a delicious layer of pathos!

It baffles me that prisons are labeled "correctional facilities," but when they actually serve their purpose and rehabilitate a Tookie Williams or Karla Faye Tucker to the point that they are able to transcend themselves and reach out to help other people, the executioner still comes calling.

Yes, some percentage of capital-crime convicts are unredeemable. But the existence of even a few who genuinely desire to be a force for change within a prison, and an example to hopefully keep other people out of prison altogether are sufficient arguments for ending capital punishment. Oh, yeah, that and the little problem that sometimes innocent people die.

I'm not in favor of crime or leniency. If someone hurt a person I love, it would be difficult to fight the urge to kill them myself. But the inherent flaws in the system and its inequitable application disqualify the death penalty as an option for a civilized people.