Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My American Dream...

Well, a bitch is pleased to have sparked a wee little debate regarding King Kong! Shit, a bitch may just have to post my thoughts on Friends one of these days.

Moving forward with extreme bitchitude…

Thanks to all who sent positivitude to a bitch's family yesterday. The situation is under investigation and details will be posted as soon as we come to a resolution. Bill's eye is much better...we all hope that his attutude improves too.

My American Dream…
A bitch believes in the reality of happiness. This bitch dreams of an America where my autistic brother is able to get the healthcare he deserves without delay and bureaucratic drama…where dental is covered and care is proactive rather than reactive.

A bitch dreams of a world where people don’t stare and whisper behind their hands. Where chil’ren smile when Bill twirls around McDonald’s because he’s as excited about a cheeseburger as others get excited about a new car.

A bitch dreams about a system that taps into existing community programs, so a bitch’s brother isn’t bored and unstimulated. Where the mentally ill or disabled can work if that’s the best placement for them or volunteer if that’s a better fit.

A bitch can close my eyes and imagine an America where my ass can just be a sister…where paperwork doesn’t define my commitment and where my visits aren’t motivated out of concern.

This land of plenty has the ability to make a bitch’s American dream a reality…

…but the will? The will is lacking.

And so a bitch worries and frets.

A bitch rants and raves.

A bitch holds this dream so tight that it hurts.

Cuts and slashes have created a funding crisis in Missouri that is harming our most vulnerable citizens…

A bitch’s sorry assed American reality.


Virginia Gal said...

oh goodness, I hope your brother is ok and everything gets ironed out.

What you wrote in this post should be shouted out to all of America, why don't we have the will to make these dreams a reality? Why are we so concerned about oil in another country and or spreading democracy to "heathens." Why are there people fighting for fetuses when there are living people who need care? Why are there people screaming about family values and not taking care of families.
The whole thing just stinks.

Anonymous said...

Woman, you are everywhere. Your King Kong rant made the off-topic board at BroadwayWorld.com.