Thursday, December 08, 2005


New readers should know that a bitch is a strong believer in dream-based correction!

So, without further delay…

ABB, the hater and a bitch's dream...
A bitch has been indulging in the ritualistic dream-based correction of Rumsfeld for several days now.

ABB…wet black leather cat suit, fantabulous 5 inch spiked heeled boots, tiara and…of course…the merciless rod of correction!

Rummy…naked and secured within the 5 points of submission.

Ahhhh…what fabulous times we’ve been having!

But last night a bitch tumbled into slumber and didn’t seek Rummy out.

See, this bitch has been thinking about 'haters' lately. You know the ones…those sad and sorry assed people in everyone’s world who just can’t stand to see anyone happy.

Indulge a bitch in a wee little detour…

One of the best parts about living an authentic life is not being seriously jealous of other people. Really! My bitchiness is maintained by the assholia of others and not diminished by anyone else’s success or fulfillment…as long as they didn’t achieve that success or fulfillment by being a complete stank asshole!


Haters come in all shapes and sizes. They pop up and piss in my chili at the strangest moments. And they really do seem disappointed that a bitch could give a shit about what they think…shit, my ass isn’t convinced that they do think! What a bitch does care about is the negative ripples they create…whether you care or not. Ignore them, dismiss them, attack them or bitch at them…haters create ripples and they enjoy doing it.

A bitch experienced some residual haterism recently (too pathetic and passive aggressive to even bother with the details…trust). It pissed me off to no end to see that ripple stretch out into my circle and to know that some insecure asshole who has never realized the greatness they showed potential for in youth and still longs to be a wild success at 21...which is pathetic, because you are decade too late for that shit honey...caused it. Shit!

Needless to say…haters were on a bitch’s mind last night as my mind tumbled into dreamland…

Detour over...

Casually running my hand over my implements of correction, which were displayed on a bed of red velvet, a bitch bit my lip and tried to narrow the field.

Whips or chains? Quick…or slow?

Decisions, decisions!

A certain sorry assed hater knelt before me whimpering and quietly sniveling.


Dull eyes shot to my face.

“Why are you doing this? It doesn’t even matter…I don’t even really care! Whatever!" The hater whined.

A bitch slowly walked to the thrown of bitchitude and sat down. With a tilt of my head, this bitch took a serious look at the hater.

“Why, you’re really just an insecure and pathetic little thing, aren’t you?” A bitch whispered. “You’re not even worthy of correction. How sad…how very pathetic and sad.”

The hater’s eyes narrowed…"How dare you not beat me! How dare you look upon me with pity? You are nothing! Not special! Nothing!”

Leaning back into the plush cushions of my thrown, a bitch tapped the rod of correction into the palm of my hand…be’heeled foot bobbing to the rhythm of bitchitude.

“You will find that a bitch is the very definition of audacious. There is very little a bitch doesn’t dare to do. Cease your whining…you are so not worthy of correction. You have to be somewhat defined to be corrected."

A bitch rose and replaced the rod of correction then turned back to the hater.

“Leave me…get a life…and for the love of Gawd, cease being such a shit…”

With a wave of my bitchy hand the hater was dismissed.

Unfulfilled, a bitch turned to Rummy.

“Ahhhh! Now you are defined as a motherfucker.”

Then the alarm went off and woke a bitch up.


Oh well, there’s always tonight…


Jim said...

So, Ms. ABB, are you going on record that you support dream-based torture?


Shark-Fu said...

Oh my! Trust me...all of my dream-based submissives enjoy their correction. It never takes on the feel of torture...but then, it is the land of dreams isn't it?

Its interesting, but my dream-based submissives are eager for correction. Somewhere in my mind, my ass must believe that they want to change...

Hammer said...

You know, 'they' say that everyone in your dreams is an extension of you like to torture yourself? poke poke poke hehehehhe

Peace !


Shark-Fu said...

Well, Hammer, 'they' also say that pleasure is torture...and yes, a bitch does indulge...

Hammer said...

Right on! Love it!

So, I had a bit of a crazy day on my blog...literally, sat on my ass at work all day and blogged. Had a ton of comments on one post (which is rare for me)...

Happy days...I , being a gemini, also love the extreme weather...couldn't work at ALL. Driving is killer, but I love the chaos!