Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Keepin it real moment of the week…

A Britney Spears debate overheard by this bitch yesterday while waiting in line to purchase sparkling grape soda and Fig Newtons at the Walgreens.

SistahGirl #1… “I’ll give you that Britney Spears looked high, but she wasn’t fat.”

SistahGirl #2… “But compared to how she used to look, her stomach was…”

Cut off by SistahGirl #1… “Girl, you need to shut the hell up. You know damn well you’d smack me twice on Sunday to have Britney Spear's stomach.”



Frogspond said...

Too funny!

It is these moments in life that bring a smile to my face.

M.Kam said...

LOL wow

Red7Eric said...

Bwah ha ha ha ha!! Brilliant!!

Dusty said...

LMFAO..thats laughing my fat ass off..

hey..I snarked on her fatness..but hell..she still has a better bod than I do.

The screwing up the lip-syncing is unforgivable however..If the bitch isn't goin to sing it..she should at least learn the damn words for the love of God.

Hattie said...

I should be so fat.

CrankyProf said...

Britney's an absolute disaster on all other fronts, but I think she looks damn good for a woman who's had two kids.

Hell, I'd smack someone for her stomach. And her checking account.

Camera Obscura said...

Hooray for Sistahgirl#1!

If you eyeball those pix of Brit really closely, it's not fat, it's an overdeveloped set of abs. My Pilates instructor (may her name be ever-cursed) calls that "turtle-tummy". It means you've been working out just the abs and not the obliques (the side / waist muscles that would hold all that in.)

Poor Brits -- she did all that work to try and get rid of baby-belly and ended up w/ turtle-tummy and everybody still calling her fat. Which she ain't.

Her performance, from the clips I've seen, was lousy, tho.

Hahn at Home said...

The girl had two kids...I adopted mine and mine doesn't look that good.

Women with curves are hot.