Thursday, September 27, 2007

If you see a teen bull roaming downtown St. Louis…

…you need to call the police. He's one year old and has been in a traffic accident.

People are looking for him!

Lawd, I haven’t heard of cattle roaming the city after a traffic accident since I moved from Texas.


Takes a bitch back.

Go on with your bad self, year old bull on the run!


Maya's Granny said...

Here in Alaska, we don't bother about animals on the roads. I can remember it getting notice when a buffalo or a bear got into the grocery store and when caribou got on the runway and they had to get hunters with cross bows because you wouldn't dare shoot a gun that close to housing. And this last week, being close to hibernation time, we've had bears breaking into sheds a lot.

It's nice to remember that we aren't the only animals on the planet.

Janhavi said...

check this out

SagaciousHillbilly said...

That's a fiiiine lookin bull ya got there in St. Louie.
If'n it needs a home, lemme know. I got some heifers that would be mighty happy with that big feller.

Quinn said...

Maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic for my ten-years-plus spent in Tejas (but not TOO nostalgic), but this made me laugh my ass off. Go Bull!