Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Update on AngryBlackBitchFest…

A bitch just learned that the location of the debut of my first sorta-play, All About Ann, will have to find a new location. Mardi Gras and Soulard equals logistical nightmare.

So, this bitch is now searching for another location for Friday February 24, 2006…

Theatrical drama is so taxing!


Anonymous said...

ABB, sorry about you losing your venue, but don't let it get you down.

The thing you gotta know about theatre is that the offstage drama is always FAR greater than the onstage variety. Trust me on this: I produce, coach, and conduct operas and musicals at the university where I teach. The training of the singers and the orchestra, and the actual conducting of the performances, all of these things are GREAT fun and artistically satisfying -- the producing sucks ass in a major way, and takes way more time than it should. It is the nature of things. It is axiomatic.

It makes me fucking nuts, but I endure, so I KNOW you can.

You'll get another venue.


Crystal-Lynn said...

We could just have it at our house. Put chairs in the living room and make the family room the performance area. We even have "wings" with the pocket doors. I'll call Merry Maids and put the dawgs in boarding. Just an idea.


Shark-fu said...

Oh my! Well, that is a thought...but a bitch may not know everyone coming out to see All About Ann.

And we are just too old school to have complete strangers up in our humble home.

Thanks for the idea, C-Money! We'll figure it out...or my ass will go diva and stage this shit in the middle of the street!

Absolut Billy said...

I forgot about the logistics of it all. A couple days before the big parade they restrict access to the neighborhood and you have to have a pass to get into Soulard