Thursday, January 26, 2006

National Mentoring Month...

January is National Mentoring Month and this bitch just wanted to take a moment and encourage y’all to consider becoming a mentor!

There are lots of organizations, local and national, that will match you to a child in need of a mentor. They will offer support…and you will need it…advice and access to supplemental activities to enrich your mentee’s life.

This bitch has been a mentor for over 2 years. My mentee has gone from looking up at me to looking down at me...literally...the child is growing out of her sneakers! It has been challenging from day one…and it is one of the most rewarding relationships in my life.

If you live in St. Louis…check out these organizations for information about mentoring.

Big Brother’s Big Sister’s of Eastern Missouri

Mentor St. Louis

Discovering Options

If you live elsewhere…

Big Brother’s Big Sister’s of America

Mentor: Expanding the world of mentoring



Anonymous said...

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besides, right to canada is still left to the us... it's all relative.

thatfarmgirl said...

BBBS is such a worthwhile organization. While I was not a mentor, I did serve on their Board for several years. These days, I'm fortunate to be involved in a lot of mentoring programs through a local organization, and a lot of one-on-one work. People, ABB is can't know its beauty until you try it. As usual, ABB is on target.

Cheetarah1980 said...

I have a Little Sister. She's a 15 year old handful, but I love the little Snot Rocket. Go sign up for BBBS today!!!