Wednesday, July 27, 2005

War and Peace...

A bitch was truly and firmly corrected by a certain Blood Ray on the Broderick/Silverman Brighton Beach Memoirs/Biloxi Blues issue. Broderick had the original role on stage and was replaced by Silverman for the movie. Thank you, my Broadway darling! Biloxi Blues shall be rented and respected…but Silverman did do a good job in BBM…a bitch adores that movie!

On a much more serious note…

ABB was deeply touched by the news that a young soldier from Missouri died in service to this country. The news is very sketchy and even the cause of death has not been reported. But this bitch would like to take a moment to remember Army Pvt. LaVena L. Johnson.

This 19 year-old 2004 graduate of Hazelwood Central High School died July 19 in Iraq from non-combat injuries. She was assigned to the 129th Corps Support Battalion based at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I know very little about this young woman. She was a member of a diversity group at Hazelwood Central. She volunteered for the American Heart Association, donated blood, and was committed to recycling and the environment.

From what little we do know it is clear that Pvt. Johnson was a remarkable young woman. And I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge her life and death.

Too often, we liberals let conservatives own the war. Before your knee jerks hear me out. This bitch is against this war and was from the beginning. My ass never bought in. But what truly concerned me was how fellow liberals completely abandoned “the war” as they went into battle over the case for war. Conservatives are not the only ones who follow the battles and shudder at the loss of life. We liberals are connected to the war, whether we oppose it or not. It is that connection that holds the key to our bringing this mess to an end.

A bitch is angry…so what’s new? A bitch is horrified…so what? A bitch reads about the short sweet personal history of this 19 year old woman and I wonder what she would have become. What would Pvt. Johnson have contributed to this world? Think of her drive and determination…think of her bravery and courage. A bitch wants you to think about this whether you support this war or not.

When I do all I can think is …oh my God, she was so very young!

A bitch could barely stand to see Pvt. Johnson’s mother on the local news being comforted by an area police officer. My mind couldn’t seem to wrap around the harsh visual representation of absolute grief.

Oh my God…so young, so young, so young!

But I made myself watch…if her mother can bare this pain then my ass can observe it.

The loss of a soldier impacts us all. Each time, each story and each life hits me very hard. I did not wish for Pvt. Johnson to die in service to my country. A bitch thinks it hurts more because of my opposition to this war. There is a special sorrow because I wanted so much for this not to happen.

But a bitch refuses to distance myself from the war and the losses. Young men and women are in harms way and we can’t just turn a blind eye and argue over the academics of it all.

No, conservatives don’t own this…we all own it. For it or against it, this shit always has a way of hitting home.

So a bitch just wanted to take a moment out of my day to acknowledge the Johnson family’s "new reality". May the Devine One grant them peace 'till they meet again...

This, my brother and sisters, is why the struggle must continue…


dmfinny said...

Thanks, sis, for another thoughtful post. The whole "if you're against the war, you're not suporting soldiers" is just more divisive manipulation of language, like pro-choice vs. pro-life; i.e. you can't be in favor of life if you support a woman's right to choose.

Jim said...

You speak for many of us ABB. Thank you.

I hope that Pvt. Johnson's mother finds her way to this blog to know that her daughter lives, for just a few moments more, in your words.

monkey said...

abb, thank you for putting a name and a face to those who've passed, since the media generally very callously states a number (something along the lines of--13 "troops" died today). our brothers and sisters are not numbers.
i was not so shocked, but very pissed off to read yesterday that george w. was to attend the memorial for the four boy scout troup leaders that were electrocuted, but that w. doesn't attend each memorial service for our fallen military folks. i blogged about it yesterday but got all teary-eyed in my office and had to stop.
just wanted to express my thanks for recognizing Army Pvt. LaVena L. Johnson.