Monday, December 03, 2007

Pondering elections…

Where the hell did the weekend go, y’all? Lawd, a bitch is busier than ever this time of year (yawn).

Anyhoo (yawn once again)…

This bitch has been pondering elections!

First up, Russia! Longtime readers know that this bitch adores following Russian politics almost as much as I adore Russian vodka (wink). So, I monitored the Russian election (my people call it fixed) closely over the weekend.

United Russia (President Putin’s party) won some 65% of the vote which should equal at least 70 seats in the Russian Parliament. The Communist Party was the only other political party to make the cut but they only achieved 11% of the vote.


Putin feels validated and all indications point to his retaining power as a result of these election total even after he's supposed to step down as is constitutionally required.

Now that’s what I call a political hustle!

My goodness, if our allies are getting their election fraud on I wonder what our sworn international enemies are up to!

Onward to Venezuela, where President Hugo Chavez attempted to seize power for ever and ever and ever….

…but lost that bid for people approved total rule.

Ummm, well…that goes a wee bit against type but America wasted no time issuing the following statement.

In a country that wants to be a democracy, the people spoke, and the people spoke for democracy and against unlimited power." U.S. Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns


Damnit to hell and back again, that made my Afro hurt.

This is why people are tired of our bullshit!

We blow kisses and ignore the oppression of the masses at the hands of emerging dictatorships we’ve chosen as allies but toss elitist “I’m so glad you people decided to be democratic but I'm still not picking you to play kick ball” comments at a country we’ve been trying to paint as a dictatorship that just politically demonstrated it answers to the political will of it’s people.


And finally, let's take a quick look at our own election-based primary race.

Yawn (wink).

A bitch has enjoyed one broadcast happening above all others - the exploration by media hounds, as if surprised and totally beyond shocked, of two adorably telling questions…

Why would women voters not vote for Hillary? & Who would have predicted that Obama would have to earn the black vote?

Aren’t they freakishly cute questions in a 1954's social revival kind of way?

Women voters are actually considering the issues and not just leaping at the opportunity to make history (gasp)?!

Black voters actually want to hear what all the candidates have to say and expect Obama to (double gasp followed by a sputter) earn their vote?!

Someone bring forth smelling salts stat! Tim Russert is having a case of the vapors...

***logs off while fluffing Afro soothingly***


Anonymous said...

its good to know that Im not the only kneegrow that thinks that Barack Obama is overrated and Haggery Clinton a corporate shill. Have of Clinton's supporters in her campaign are the same business people that supported Bush when he ran. The Democrat party overall is dead, I think is time that we get a third party candidate like the Libertarian Party or Green Party,any one but the spineless shills we have in the 2 party system. I will probable vote for Dennis Kucinich, but he ain't gonna get elected.

Infuriated Faggot said...

Hey ABB, Do you really think Chavez is a would-be dictator in the traditional sense of dictator. I mean, he would have still had to WIN elections to stay in power longer. His referendum wasn't carte blanche to stay in power. Also, I think he has been wonderful in preventing US interests in taking over his country (i.e. stopping training at WHINSEC, not signing onto CAFTA, helping block FTAA) and now that he has lost the referenda, his country will be susceptible. More so than with him in power (among other problems- i.e. no social security for working poor, no homo, women, multi-racial rights, loss of housing for the poor, etc). I mean there WERE 68 other referenda that the people voted against on Sunday all because they were unwilling to give Chavez a vote of confidence.

Plus, with the CIA Memo circulating regarding the US involvement in screwing with the elections (covered by Democracy Now! re:misinformation) Pat the Crazy Robertson calling for his assassination, and CNN Spain telling their people he's already dead. . .I side with Chavez.

Also, have you ever known the Venezuelan people- when confronted with a dictator- to let him stay in power. They're all about revolution deep down beneath the border.

Aye dios mio!

Frogspond said...

Frankly I don't trust any of the Prez candidates. Makes me not want to vote at all.


My wife is an historian specializing in Women's History and has explained how long and hard the ancestors fought so I could vote.


If it comes down to the choice between crap, crap and more crap... I say we add a category that says "None of the above".

Not that it matters cause the whole system is broke and rigged anyway.

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