Wednesday, December 05, 2007


A cold wind is blowing across St. Louis today and making this bitch crave chowder in sourdough bread bowls.


Anyhoo, a certain Emerson (love that name, by the way) wrote this bitch an e-mail. Specifically, Emerson would like to know why black bloggers are so angry and added that everything can’t be anger inspiring because some issues are worthy of pleasant discussion.


Fuck it all, I’ll jump at that!

First of all, all black bloggers aren’t angry. Seriously, I’ve found some happy as hell black bloggers out there. There was even this one brother who positioned himself as the not angry black blog alternative to my angry ass (cough). That made a bitch think of artificial sweetner, but I’m all for whatever gives his life meaning. Anyhoo, a bitch is not a fan of absolute statements and certainly not in this case. Black bloggers are as diverse as black people.

Having said that, some of us are angry. You ask why. Although I’m fond of saying that if you’re not angry you’re not paying attention, a bitch will pass this time and simply reply that the answer is in our writing.

Pause…sip water…continue.

I’ve never said that there aren’t certain topics worthy of pleasant discussion. Shit, we’ve had some pleasant discussions here, haven’t we? Mmmhmmm, we’ve talked about Smarties…cooking with Smarties…sharing the joy of Smarties…dawgs and dawg based joy…vodka followed by cran…ummm, oh and the pleasure one gets from sparkling grape soda pop (wink).

Some issues can be explored with extreme pleasantness but some shit inspires the emotion of anger, y'all. I think too many of us are so comfortably numb that real emotion scares the shit out of us. Anger explains depth…it conveys that a wrong has been done and someone isn’t happy about it…and it is a valid response to a lot of shit.

People ask me why I’m angry but to me the more interesting question is why this anger disturbs them.

You want disturbing? Turn on the news and you’ll see people marching in other countries over violations Americans can’t be bothered to give a shit about.

That’s disturbing as a motherfucker to me.

I hate to make The Man happy...give me anger over apathy any day.

There, now wasn’t that pleasant (wink)?


Anonymous said...

I hate the fact that we are taught not to be angry, or worst yet to be affraid to express our anger or displeasure. When I speak of our I mean we as people. If someone is angry it is usually because a grave injustice has occurred, they have tried to address the issue in different ways and got nowhere or they feel incredibly wronged. All of these things can be explored.

It really gets me though when you are trying to prove a point and because you are speaking sternly people interpret that as anger. God that makes me angry!

Unknown said...

Touche' Shark Fu!

You never cease to amaze me with your posts. I thank Buddha that I found you and your wonderful blog.

On this chaps my brown ass when people look at me as if I am from another planet when I bring up something that normal folk should be incensed about...and they aren't. They act like racism, homophobia and all the other bs is normal..let me be the first to tell them:

It Ain't Normal mutha fuckas!

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people are conditioned-- willingly so-- to decide that we are angry, whether we are angry, sarcastic, impatient, amused, disdainful, cynical, or even just plain bored.

Anonymous said...

ps-- have you tried vodka with sparkling cran juice yet?

Anonymous said...

You, angry? Nawww. Just assessing the situation realistically, and entertaining the reader incidentally. (love the "chastising" picture you use so often)


Anonymous said...

I get the same reaction sometimes as a "humorless feminist." And I laugh all the damn time.
I choose to (mostly) give people the benefit of the doubt and believe that it disturbs them because they genuinely think that staying angry and watchful is antithetical to having a good life. I must say, though, that how they could think that of you after reading your writing is well beyond me. Anger doesn't preclude joy. Just helps to guard it.

- Hypatia

Shark-Fu said...

Delux...Are you tryng to kill me? Sparkling cran juice?!?!

Ooooh, just the thought makes me tingle (wink).

***adds sparkling cran to shopping list***

Hypatia...mmmhmmm, add humorless feminist to the list. The Man would much rather discuss the rage than the machine being raged against.

Anonymous said...

I'm just trying to share the joy, as is my obligation as your minion. PS: hit a trader joe's for the sparkling cran.

Lacey said...

Chowder in a sourdough breadbowl? Oh yum. And yum again. Now you've done it. Where am I going to get a sourdough breadbowl? Did I ever tell you how my mom used to make chowder? She'd get a can of Campbell's cream of potato soup, and a small can of Snow's minced clams...combine w/one can of milk, heat, and serve. With those itty bitty oyster crackers shaped like bathroom floor tile? Yeah. My mom could take two off-the-shelf commodities, mix em together, and make it taste like home-made. Rich's Coffee Rich was usually involved, also. Those were the days, my friend.

Rebel Yankee said...

I, personally, love to see a bitch get all worked up and angry. Sometimes, I don't get worked up, too...but sometimes, I do. And I love that this anger you display sometimes can be so inspiring to me as well.
So be angry when you have to!
(oh, and because of you, I do adore some Brit friends know what to bring when they come visit!)

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