Monday, December 03, 2007

Oh my, that was quick…

Australia has announced that it will sign the Kyoto Protocol!

Damn, a bitch could get whiplash with y’all moving so fast down under (wink).


Ummm, let’s see that just leaves…oh.


The United States of America stands alone.


Are any of the fabillion trillion chil’ren running for President on the record about Kyoto?

And if not, that’s one question this bitch would like to see planted…


Anonymous said...

quelle surprise. NOT!

how about some shame for the fact that the US refuses to sign CEDAW.

Oh, and to the sistah who brought sexism back with her "Haggery" Clinton comment: for real. Haggery? Don't we hear enough of that shit in the mainstream? Can't we get above some sexism in the alter-blogosphere? Yeah, she's a corporate shill (and I guess I should thank you for not calling her a whore, which gives legit whores a bad name) but really -- a hag? Is "elle" really a pose for Bill O'Reilly or Don Imus? Daannng.

Wait, rather than hijack this thread, I'll post it on the relevant comment section. With mille mercis to ABB for being so flex with her blog comment space.

much love.

Maya's Granny said...

I also would love to have this question answered.

A meanwhile, the cheese stands alone.

Infuriated Faggot said...

Hey ABB! Though the U.S. hasn't signed try to remember what each individual state is doing to urge the Fed to get on top of this! NY (entire North East, really), Cali, etc.

Organize your communities to pressure the Fed.

How are you?


Anonymous said...

My Aussie friends were just so happy to see Howard gone....

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