Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pander first...govern never...

Missouri’s nightmare, Governor Matt Blunt, has shown his natural ass…again.

Baby Blunt formed a…well, he’s calling it a task force on the impact of abortion on women.

My people call it bullshit.

The so-called task force is stacked with anti-choice activists. Basically, this anti-abortion gathering is setting out to prove themselves right…and, if Baby Blunt had a fucking clue, he’d know that nothing shat out from this beyond partisan gathering of agreeables is going to be taken seriously.


A bitch can’t help but think that mayhap Mr. Blunt Trauma isn’t certain what to do with his time or perhaps he doesn’t realize that there is plenty of other shit he really might want to look into.

Like the shit that has resulted from his inability to govern the state.


How about I offer up some suggestions?


Governor Blunt’s policies have tossed around 150,000 working Missourians into the world of uninsuredness. There are an estimated 700,000 Missourians without health insurance in Missouri and a majority of them are working people who don’t have options.

How about a panel to investigate the impact being uninsured has on women? On children? On people and families and communities?
Hmmm? Hello....?

Okay, well...let's move on.
The rate of food insecurity in Missouri is rather high. Some 9 percent of households are food insecure…meaning that they are at risk for not having anything to eat despite assistance.

And our Boy Nightmare hasn’t done a damn thing to address the thousands of Missourians (catch thy knee, conservatives, many of these folks are workers) who realistically fear hunger. And for those who are not working…a bitch believes that supporting a culture of life extends beyond birth and that hunger in America is our great national shame.

Golly, could we get a task force to investigate the impact being food insecure and going hungry has on women…children…people and communities?
Oh, and what about the unemployment situation in Missouri? The one thing that unites Missourians, be we rural or citified, is our collective concern over the exodus of industry and talent from the state.

I sure would like to know the impact an unemployment rate of 5.6 percent has on women, children, people and our communities! And I would hope that that task force would also dip into the issue of low wage jobs, no fucking affordable housing for workers and the decline of benefit providing jobs and how that shit impacts Missourians.

Cough again.

Oh what the fuck am I thinking?

That anti-abortion task force isn’t about making better policy because the Blunt Administration isn’t in the business of people positive policy any more than they are concerned about women’s health.
Mmmhmmm, what we have here is yet another example of pander first and govern never.

Did I mention that my people call it bullshit?


Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

I am a fan now!

Anonymous said...


1. The fact that people are losing their homes because of predatorial lending practices.

2. The amount of time and effort it takes to get your social security benefits, which is your money that you have put into the system.

3. If you can get your Social Security benefits but you get sick and end up in nursing home all of your money except $50.00 goes to the nursing home so then you can't pay your bills.

4. The fact that even though 94,000 new jobs were supposidly created nationally, 100% of those new jobs are shitty ones.

5. The fact that constanly bring up the abortion issue does not mean you are actually a hard at work politician.

6. The fact that when you go to college and go looking for your first job one of the things they say to you is, "but you don't have any experience, so we can't give you the job." No kidin' I 've been in college.

7. Media deception and ineptitude.

Seems I could go on but I will leave it there.

Anonymous said...

(shakes head) Because, of course, the food insecurity in a house of three is so very much helped by having yet another mouth to feed and body to clothe.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I found this link and thought of you

Sorry I had to post it like this, but otherwise blogger will cut it off.

A spoon full (or more) of cranberry infused vodka helps the bullshit go down. Disney should make a song with that title.

Unknown said...

Fan-fucking-tastic post SharkFu!

I am sick to death of the anti-choice crowd pushing their bullshit agenda on the masses.

No ONE holds a gun to any womans head that chooses to exercise her right to a legal medical procedure known as an abortion. Thats why the movement is called PRO CHOICE.

Putting this one up on Sirens..thank you so much Shark Fu..thank you for your words of wisdom.

Jeffrey Ricker said...

When motherfuckers like the Blunt Instrument either spontaneously grow a vagina (and thus have an actual stake in the issue) or step up and start offering to adopt all the babies that will result from their policies of fucked-upitude, then maybe—maybe—they will have a leg to stand on, but at the moment, he's got his foot in his mouth and his head up his ass, and that's a posture that even yoga can't help him maintain.

Somewhat related: am I the only one who's reminded of Gomer Pyle every time our esteemed governor opens his piehole?

proudprogressive said...

What a freakin nightmere that guy is, Blunt trauma is right. When is his term up..wish it was yesterday. This so rediculous if not criminal for a state such a Missouri. I have to admit I have not seen nor heard him but Shark Fu you are describing a nightmere for so many people, on so many levels. I hope there are some progressive contenders in the wings for both his Governorship and all open seats in the State Legislature. Too many people are suffering if not dying of these misguided policies. We the people state by state have gotta stand up and say enough. oh wait , many of us have been doing that...something is gonna blow , yep, something has got to give. The stats you reported have my cringing.

libhom said...

Talk about the politics of distraction. Blunt needs to retire.

ChristopherM said...

Just read the Supreme's most recent ruling on abortion, and you'll know from where this bullshit flows. It was all about establishing a state interest in the health of a woman post-abortion regardless of viability rather than pre-abortion before viability as a means to lead to the ultimate smackdown of choice on down the line when they have the votes to do so. Ginsburg's dissent is brilliant, but sadly shines a light on exactly why the Court ruled the way they did and where they are going. Anyone who says it doesn't matter who we put into the White House in 2008 had better hope they don't need any reproductive health care in 2009.

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