Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Breaking News…Senator Craig Schedules Press Conference!

Oh my goodness!

Senator Craig (R-Idaho) has scheduled a press conference to discuss his foot tapping (thank you all y’all readers who e-mailed a bitch to explain that shit in greater detail...blush) his “wide stance” technique while "going" and the art of getting arrested for lewd conduct in an airport bathroom.


Will he resign?

Will he try to stay the course?

Will he come out of the closet?

Or is another high profile and guaranteed to be unsuccessful degayification in the works?


Oh bless you gods of the internets for thy bounty of closeted conservative political trash-based gossip!


Dusty said...

Hypocrisy, thy name is Larry Craig.

emily2 said...

ABB, I think you may just hear disco again soon...

Frogspond said...

Ayemayen ABB!

Nancy said...

If one more closeted homophobe gets busted this year, they'll have enough for a baskeball team. Haggart, Foley, Allen, and now Craig. C'mon guys: one more and you've got a point guard!