Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Happy birthday, C-Money...officially...

Yes, we’ve been celebrating for days…but today’s the day you were actually born.

My sister and my friend…oh Mistress of Realness and Advice (wink)…I thank God everyday for the gift of you.

Thank you for being my family.

I love you.

Happy birthday!


Willy said...

Happy B-Day, C-Money. Stay strong.

It's also my wife's B-Day. Words cannot express what she means to me.

Anonymous said...

Please send our birthday wishes to C-Money. We've got vodka for you and whiskey for her--so come over one night this week for cocktails and a belated low-key birthday week celebration. Rigby and Kaya miss you!

-Lukas and Joe

Shark-fu said...

It'll have to be next week...going to be in Albuquerque for the rest of this week.

Kiss those dawgs for me!

The Bear Maiden said...

I was wrapped up in some drama of my own, and haven't visited you recently so I missed C-Money's birthday. Happy birthday. I have a sister who means the world to me... my best friend, and so as the sister of a great sister, I send extra extra birthday vibes to the sister of a sister!