Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The problem with fuck-ups in power is…

…fuck-ups with power.


How the fuck is a bitch supposed to trust the same government that has fucked up just about everything to do anything right?

My nerves are fried…the simplest of news item now inspires terror as a bitch contemplates the minions in charge actually trying to be in charge!

Example – the Pentagon will power down the infamous TALON database on September 17, 2007. The database was supposed to track threats to military bases and such…but somehow it went retro all on its own (blink, blink followed by blink) and got its Nixon on by tracking peaceful anti-war protest and participants.

Oh, I’d like to be glad that another arm of our government that was being used as a weapon against political enemies of the current Nightmare in Charge and his war is being shut down.

But the same fuck-ups who lost a shit load of guns in Iraq…the same fuck-ups who used the system to violate the rights of Americans because they had the audacity to utilize their right to peaceful protest…and the same fuck-ups who contracted with a wanted criminal who supplied arms to al Qaeda and paid him a fabillion trillion dollars to fly arms for America (oh, for the love of…SHIT!)…those same assholes are now being trusted to power down a database containing sensitive information about average folks.


The Threat and Local Observation Notice database includes reports on some 150 local anti-war protests.

And they’re just going to “power down” the database.

Right...great...with our luck they'll shut down the internets accidentally on purpose.


Frogspond said...

Funny thing is, that wanted criminal polla coulda found bin Laden.

Dumbua in the White House sure hasn't.

Unknown said...

Wow, hadn't heard about this one today, and its a big one to me seeing as how I am quite sure I am IN that database on plenty of occasions both as a speaker and protestor.

Thanks for the 411 and your pov..I concur, these idiots are lucky to be able to wipe their asses without getting any on their hands for the love of pete.

Unknown said...

Um..I am going to repost this one at Sirens after midnight tonight..tis ok? If not, I am sure you will tell me ABB. :)

You aren't shy about what you think dear woman!

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you REALLY want a migraine, try reading about the treaty that was supposed to cut down on biological weapons. (I'm taking a summer course on WMDs)

Anyhow, the so-called treaty has no mandated inspections of facilities that are conducting research with this shit, and every time they try to strengthen it, the Americans object because of the pharmaceutical companies....

So, basically, while the treaties for chem and nuclear weapons are pretty strong, this is what my prof calls a "gentleman's agreement."

*raises eyebrows* hhmmm, I recall another "gentleman's agreement," the Geneva Protocol which prohibited chemical weapons... after WWI. Uh, yeah, didn't work then, ain't gonna work now!

Anonymous said...

"got it's Nixon on"

Verrry nice!
I read this blog as much for your ability to turn a phrase as the reassurance I'm not the only one who thinks the world is crazy.

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