Monday, November 27, 2006

Post holiday recovery...

Thank Gawd a bitch has a day off today!

Not that I didn't have a nice holiday. I did! But this bitch can only take so much socialization before freaking the hell out...and my cup overfloweth this past week.

Today it's just me and the dawgs.


Toodles until tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Enjoy a restful day at home w/ your dogs, ABB! Happy holiday from your holiday!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for an open thread/post to share this and I don't want to elbow in on your space since this IS your space, but I just wanted to share and say thank you.

A week or so ago, you put up some bitchafermations and one regarded those about to take a test. Well, last friday I went to go sit the GREs and I'd been freaked out about them for weeks. Two days before The Day, my score on a diagnostic test was, well, far below the fantabulousness I know I have in me and I was really scared.
As I was waiting to go into the test room on the day, a friend sent me a text sending me one more good luck. Still scared, I replied: thanks, I appreaciate it, i'll try and oh, shit.

After I sent that I recalled your post about tests and how there's no test out there that a body can't handle if they put themselves into it.
I re-texted my friend with:
Ya know what? Fuck "oh, shit." I'm fabulous! and they are gonna have to deal with it.

My score came out waaay above that diagnostic's prediction. I wrote two good essays and in an optional (no points awarded experiemental essay about freedom and whether people's actions mostly stem from forces outside of them) wrote that the given statement to argue was messed up. I don't have or not have freedom because of some external force - it is a choice I make to have. And even if I subject myself to this racist, homophobic, heterosexist, misogynistic test that doesn't mean they're gonna get any kind of real understanding of who I am and what I can do.

Thank you for the reminder.
Keep the grace flowing!

Shark-Fu said...

Congrats on that test!

Go on with your bad self!

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