Thursday, November 16, 2006

Madame Speaker!

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has been officially selected as Speaker designate to the United States House of Representatives.

This bitch can’t wait for the State of the Union next year!

Shit, my ass may have to break out the bubbly to celebrate hearing “Madame Speaker, the President of the United States” announced in the chamber.



Anonymous said...

Downright European.


Anonymous said...

Despite my excitement, doesn't it just make you shake your head that the most powerful woman in the history of the US has risen ONLY to number three on the "totem pole"...and further, that it took until 2006 to happen?!?!
I sure hope this marks the decade of the woman in politics; the white man's done enough for now.

Anonymous said...

Hot damn! A woman at the helm!

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