Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A bitch loves the sound of protests in the morning...

The problem with protests is that the "issues" rarely get discussed. Having said that, this bitch adores a good protest! Riots, marches, and sit-ins - I love them all. I usually don’t stay longer than I can last without peeing (a bitch has issues with public toilets), but toss in a clean public restroom and I’m down for the cause!

So, a bitch was eager to read the dish on the boo-fest that took place at Santa Monica College during graduation. The Governator returned to his sorta kinda alma mater to address the class of 2005. He was booed by some in the crowd and the traveling protestors who follow him as if he were the Grateful Dead.

What's their beef? A bitch did some investigative journalism and found the basic dish...according to CNN.

Arnold (we are so not tight like that..a bitch is being familiar) has called for a Special Election in California to address…well…to take down the folks who hate him. The Special Election will cost the state around $45 million dollars. Wow, that’s what a bitch calls a return to fiscal sanity!

Arnold is taking on special interest groups in Cali-for-ni-ah – teachers (those evil doers), nurses (nasty anti-government radicals) and public employee unions (Communists…Republicans can’t stand Communists).

Arnold proposes the following; a cap on state spending (after he shells out $45 mill, of course), stripping lawmakers of the power to draw their own districts (Republican power grab move #1 – they did this shit in Texas and consolidated power in one fell swoop) and increasing the time it takes for teachers to gain tenure (because, Lawdy, there is a run on teacher positions – Jesus, we have more applicants than jobs…not!).

A bitch is concerned for the people of California. The Devine One weighed in on the issue with an off-coast 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Translation – get your shit together! Oh, and don't go to the fucking beach when there's a Tsunami warning. Dumb shit! Better yet...go and do the world a favor!

Anyhoo, special elections make sense when the issues being addressed are pressing. But this shit really is weird. The worst part is that some Californians chose this asshole. Okay, maybe they had a legitimate issue with Gov. Davis, but was Arnold really necessary?

To wrap up, Arnold gave his speech and then rushed into his waiting SUV (was it a Hummer?) and made for Orange County or wherever the conservative compound is.

Now, Missouri has its own fucked up Governor and I have no idea how to get rid of him early. I’m not trying to piss in California’s Corn Flakes when there’s a turd floating in mine. I’m just concerned.

And a wee bit jealous.

Why can't we get a crowd together and follow Blunt around booing? He sucks just as much as Arnold...if not more! We can't afford teachers, our schools produce illiterate chil'ren, and he's not even aware that the Civil War is over! Oh...he's a homophobe too! Oh, oh...he also hates unions! Did I mention that he hates black people?

So, can we have a shout fest in Jefferson City?

With all the bullshit being produced down there, a bitch is sure that they’ve got nice toilets!

On second though, fuck it. That makes as much sense as going to the beach to catch that Tsunami heading in...


Jessica said...

It's not like we can afford to take off work and follow the Governator around so much as we're all (especially teachers, nurses, and state budget analysts [hi, mom!]) unemployed and pissed off enough to fake hope in the face of this mess.

You know how Greenpeace and whoever sends canvassers around to shopping centers with petitions and donations forms? Ahnold has special high-end canvassers who are salary, not per-signature, earners, who stand in front of stores (like Target, from which they are banned and physically escorted every single day) and preach misinformation. Stuff like "let the people decide, not the (sneary voice) legislature." Yeah, let's not let our elected officials do the jobs the people elected them to do, or anything.

The moment this fool was elected (which was just the shocking pinnacle of stupidity after the unbelievable actual decision to actually have a recall election) was the moment I dropped my naive post-20-something-omniscient-everyone-knows-everything-or-at-least-something-I-don't posture and went back to believing that the general populace is made up of effing idiots. I swear I heard people seriously honestly gleefully fist-wavingly shouting "I'm voting for the Terminator."

Jessica said...

And he preys on the elderly, in speeches given to small groups in the back yards of San Diego (home of "Terminator for President" stickered Hummers):
"I tell them: 'Don't you dare touch Proposition 13, because the people of California voted to protect their homes,' " Schwarzenegger said at an event staged in the backyard of a home in this town outside San Diego. People had to sell their homes in the 1970s "because the government robbed them blind" with property taxes, the governor said.
Changing Prop. 13 to boost taxes on homeowners "isn't on the ballot and it isn't even on anyone's radar screen[...]" [...] the initiatives proposed by the governor for the Nov. 8 special election involve the state budget procedure, redistricting of election boundaries and tenure for public school teachers -- not property taxes.

Still, Schwarzenegger made it clear he'll spend much more time talking about his opposition to tax increases than he will about the details of his initiatives.

TwennyTwo said...

BTW- the link posted in the word teacher isn't working. Where were you trying to send us?


Shark-fu said...

TEACH California has a web site where they try to recruit teachers to address teacher shortages. A bitch thought that was interesting, since tenure is usually a good way to attract teachers. Yet Arnold wants to take that away...Sigh. Even the links don't work in Cali.