Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A minion comes out as a corrupt little shit...

A bitch just stumbled across this news blip. Yes, this makes perfect sense.

Congratulations are due to Mr. Cooney for coming out of his "legitimate government official" closet and telling the world "I'm a corrupt minion doing the devils work! We are legion and they call us by the name Neo-Con! (diabolical laughter)!"

Way to go!

This bitch is waiting for the story proclaiming "Ex Gitmo interrogator opens S&M Dungeon amid controversy that he's too unstable to dominate safely".

Jesus, these people make me sick!

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fahren said...

This is like Bill Gates writing software for Apple. Why don't they work it the same way as Halliburton? Award a no bid contract to Exxon and let them write our envionmental policy.