Wednesday, June 15, 2005

It’s pretty outside and I’m flying high off of a replenished supply of Sudafed (thank you, Mr. Thurman) and a 24 fl oz Mountain Dew. Jesus, they should put warning labels on this shit!

With jittery fingers and a perpetually jumping leg, a bitch takes on The Results of the Autopsy

Conclusion 1 – Terry’s brain was 50% of what it should have been. This level of brain damage is irreversible and non-responsive to therapy.

Conclusion 2 – She was not poisoned or strangled or thrown down the stairs (my bad, wrong case). Anyway, they don’t know what happened. Illness is funny like that. Shit happens. No heart attack or stroke. No eating disorder damage either. So…oh, faithful ones…this shit was truly and unexplained act of…The Devine One.

Conclusion 3 – Terry was blind. No, she was not “following” the light in those videos. She couldn’t see. This is a fucking fact proven by the complete lack of “this shit makes you be able to see” brain-matter.

Long and short, Terry was in a persistant vegetative state and would not have come out of it or gotten better. The family will deny the accuracy of this report and this bullshit will labor in the courts.

But a bitch, fueled by 110 calories of pure sugar, is compelled to explore deeper.

From an ethical point, doctors are charged to save life and not evaluate the hypothetical quality of that life post saving. In real world terms, than means they pump your ass full of enough air and adrenaline that your “should be dead” ass is technically alive but only by medically assistive means.

From a neo-con faith-based standpoint, the “conflict” arose when life was sustained. They don't realize that, but that is the message they are sending. Save life and we are obligated to defend it, so you'd better be careful which life you save. By “saving” Terry, doctors actually created the ethical quandary that these families have been dancing around. Once on the machine, you can’t pull the plug. But doctors will argue that they can’t evaluate the potential of life while trying to save it. Note that the previous Pope, though clearly ailing, was not put on any life sustaining machines so those boys in dresses wouldn't have to deal with this shit.

Based on this logic, the only solution is to not intervene when a bitch falls to the ground. But these fuckers wouldn’t like that either. They’d have a bitch laying around tubed up for years, which I do not want…ever.

So what is it? Huh? What’s it gonna be? Life is either worth trying to save or too sanctified to tamper with for fear of not saving it right.

Are we better off giving it all to The Devine One? No meds or doctors to tamper with Her will?

Oh shit, those Christ Scientists are starting to make sense!

Who knew a caffeine overdose had the power to make them seem logical?


Mighty MaMa said...

I like that.....

Anonymous said...

You know, whenever you refer to "The Devine One," it always makes me think of Loretta Devine.

This, mind you, is a good thing.

Dixie said...

I've never understood why people who claim to know just what God wants will bend over backwards to keep someone from having their soul get to God when the time comes.

It all plays into that "culture of life" claptrap being shoved down our throats by the neo-cons. The same one that says cluster of cells that will not go beyond being a cluster of cells until it's implanted in a uterus and doesn't get rejected by said uterus is all-important and should be preserved even though virtually no one will ever implant these cell clusters but the living, breathing people already walking and talking here on earth and who could live longer, better lives provided by medical breakthroughs being made with that cluster of cells - well those folks are essentially fucked. Their lives don't count in the culture of life.

Save what doesn't yet exsist, save what's essentially gone, screw what's already here.

"Radical" Russ said...

Funny you mention the Christian Scientists. My wife, fifth of fifteen kids, grew up in this faith. Had serious childhood injuries that took $13,000 worth of cranio-facial plastic surgery to fix once she grew up and escaped.

Her eldest brother held strongly to the faith. No doctors, no immunizations, no vitamins, no drugs. Then he suffered a life-threatening condition. Finally gave in to demanding wife and saw doctor. Doctor said "surgery or death in six months." Faith went right out the window.

As far as Terri? Quality of life outranks quantity of life. Give me a choice of one Sammy Davis Jr. month versus thirty Terri Schiavo years and I'll be singing Mr. Bojangles before you can finish the question.

I'm pretty sure Michael Schiavo's not holding his breath waiting for the apologies from the preachers, pundits, parents, and politicos who accused him of abusing and drugging his wife.

dmfinny said...

"...a strong man with homicidal and religious mania at once might be dangerous." Dr. Jack Seward's journal; Dracula, by Bram Stoker, pub. 1897

It's Me, Maven... said...

ABB, as usual, a brilliant post. And yeah, Mr. Schiavo will turn all shades of purple and plaid whilst waiting for that apology.

Dixie, you astound me with how succinctly you put it: "Save what doesn't yet exsist, save what's essentially gone, screw what's already here." PROFOUND!

Blood Ray: when I think of the "Devine One," I can't help but think of THE "Divine,"