Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Okay, a bitch did notice the news that those crazy kids at the American Family Association have found another target. I was going to ignore it until a comment came across from dmfinney and…well…shit, a Sistah had to respond. Since dmfinney breaks this boycott bullshit down, I’ll move on to a broader topic.

Let’s take a look at the American Family Association, shall we?

When a bitch visits a new web site, I always approach it like I’m the target consumer. So, I cruised my bitchy black ass over and utilized the site as if I were a faithful bigot!

But a bitch ran into a problem!

Searching Endorsed Companies took me to their boycotts.

Searching Good Companies took me to their boycotts

Searching Okay Companies took me to their boycotts

And Searching Companies Okay to Visit took me to their boycotts.

A bitch was surprised that Wal-Mart wasn’t a default! How would a supporter know who is okay? Are they supposed to go through a process of elimination? That’s not helpful!

AFA might want to consider revising their site to be more helpful and less hateful. I mean, if you’re going to ask folks to avoid Kraft the least you can do is tell them where they should go for their Mac & Cheese!

A bitch really doesn’t like AFA, but now I’m mad on behalf of their supporters! How is a bigot supposed to get fed or buy a car! What if a bigot went out and spent money on a Jetta and then found out they were open and supportive of people and their differences? Come on AFA, this is the new era of bigotry; your people can’t just discriminate based on race. You’re asking them to be multi-layered bigots and that takes dedication and information.

Expand, motherfuckers! Offer options! But you can’t, can you. Because no major company wants to be associated with you. Because you are creepy and make people feel like bigots. And, deep down in the soul of all of us, we all value a cheap assed car more than “moral values”. It’s true! Take it as gospel, you shits!

So, get to it motherfuckers! Compile the "list" of who’s okay. Good luck with that, you no business owning, no industry creating ultra-critical fascist shits. And don’t start feeling good because Ford’s sales are down; that’s because they make shit gas-guzzlers and your Crusade is driving gas prices through the roof. Assholes!

Note – ABB has embraced the militant value of Kraft Mac & Cheese and plans to blow her Weight Watchers points on a box tonight!



GN said...

Stupid, cultish fucks. They won't survive peak oil. And I'm feeling just evil enough to say good riddance. What a drain on our society.

Nemebabe said...

Heheh...I went to that site to look and I couldn't stop laughing at the blatant "million" rip off...I think we should make a millionbitches type of site.

Some of that shit is insane. I better watch my ass, I drive a Ford.


dmfinny said...

My day is complete, sis. 'Nuff respect.

Like I said, what fools these mortals be.

I'm w/nemebabe. I say we organize the first ever Million Mac & Cheese Eaters March.

Tiger Lilly said...

I just went to the site...again, I am left asking what the hell a homosexual agenda is. I have no idea. On the other hand, I can point to countless heterosexual men whose "agenda" is to destroy the lives of young girls. I guess it's not as bad in their eyes if you are a predator who targets the opposite sex.

I have an idea for a new about the American Society for the Eradication of Stupidity (ASsES for short). Kinda like that.

Jeff said...

This bitch would like to tell the American Family Association to go fuck themselves instead of the rest of society, but I've already done that once this week.

But look at this, their featured writer on the Homosexual Agenda® is a big ol' 'mo (oh, sorry, big ol' ex-'mo) himself.

And--and!--he has a blog.

Slap me silly and call me Ginger, now I've seen it all.

aggiegrrrl said...

I love you. I love me some mac and cheese. Seriously, you are my fucking hero. Thank you.

Da Professa said...

*Big Hug* Thanks for making my day.

JohnBallgame said...

where did ya'll go?

JohnBallgame said...

where did ya'll go?