Monday, July 17, 2006

An announcement and a reminder...

Jumping right in...

Oprah and Gayle are not gay…totally not gay…they think there is nothing wrong with gay, but for the record they are not gay and want to make that clear. Their relationship is 'otherworldly', just not gay…very not gay…beyond not gay…so not gay that their love is the definition of not gay same gender affection.

Oh, and did I mention that they are NOT GAY?


A bitch didn’t bring this shit up out of thin air. Oprah wrote an article saying as much in O Magazine and it is being pre-spun...right round like a record, baby (wink)... all over creation!

Someone wants the masses to know that they are not gay...right?

Or did someone recently confuse Oprah with Ellen?

This is so confusing.

Oprah? Darling, public declarations of ungayness are sooooo 1950's Liberace. Does someone’s magazine need a circulation boost…or was your cable out on a Friday night?

Anyhoo, I always suspected that Oprah's favorite flower was narcissus...

Moving forward...

A bitch went door to door this past Saturday to canvass voters! Missouri has a primary August 8th and I wanted to show my support. Being relatively broke, my support came in the form of lots of walking…and knocking…and question answering…and sweating…and enduring of extreme heat.


A bitch should have been born rich.

Anyhoo, canvassing is a great way to remind yourself that the masses are dealing with real issues even if their government is knee deep in panderific bullshit.

People wanted to talk about health care…jobs…education…roads…identity theft…and crime.

A bitch didn’t get a single question about flag burning or who should marry who.


Missouri voters should know that the new voter id law is being challenged. Correction - the photo identification requirment is being challlenged, but is not slated to apply until November 7, 2006. The best way to address this bullshit long term is to kick the current trifling majority the hell out of Jeff. City!

The Missouri Primary is August 8th.

Get your vote on!


GayProf said...

So, what I am hearing is that Oprah and Gayle are totally gay, right?

Jeff said...

Oprah who?

EverydaySuperGoddess said...

"A bitch didn’t get a single question about flag burning or who should marry who."

LOVE this!

Good for you for finding a way to contribute. The great thing about non-monetary involvement is that, as you experienced, the benefits often seem to go both ways.

J said...

Love you for canvassing...when the dems call me asking for money, and I tell them I've spent the charitble giving portion of my budget, but don't worry, I'll write letters and vote...they never sound very thankful. Discouraging.

cats said...

goodness... i am totally flattered when someone mistakes me for a lesbian. (of course i would be a lipstick lesbian)

ShawnQt said...

When was the last time I seen Oprah with a man?

It's Me, Maven... said...

I do believe they doth protest too much.

Where there's smoke, there's fire, baby.


Who cares?

I love how self absorbed celebs are that they think their personal lives really have an impact on anyone other than themselves.

It's Me, Maven... said...

PS: Did anyone ever suspect Oprah and Steadman were each other's beards?

belledame222 said...

wo. see what i miss by not following the popcult news for a while.

hokay, Oprah, it's a, whatsis, *romantic friendship.* yah.