Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Coverage, or lack thereof...

A bitch is stressed out!

Tonight my ass is going to take a walk and burn off some of these nerves.

Jumping right in…

A bitch has a rule that I follow about reading other bloggers before posting…thou shall harvest before thou dines. In other words, a bitch does not read blogs until my ass has posted. Otherwise it is too easy to inadvertently be stimulated by a great thought and neglect your own original thoughts.

This practice usually isn’t hard to adhere to, since a bitch cranks out my posts quickly and usually before midday. But today was one of those rare days when this bitch couldn’t think of a damned thing to write about. Oh, there was lots of stuff swirling around in my head, but nothing came together.

I was just about to say fuck it and post more pictures of beagles when a certain Pontifical Brother of the United Church of Bitchitude and Latter Day Drunks called with a fascinating lead.

It seems that District of Columbia's police chief declared a crime emergency.

Washington D.C., home of our federal government…a city lousy with diplomats and elected officials…is overflowing with crime!

Well, that will not do!

Washington D.C. is a tourist attraction…it is our nation’s home base, so to speak…we invite international guests there to discuss shit, for the love of Gawd!

Certainly CNN, Google News and ABC News will be all over this like flies on…



Mercy, none of these news powerhouses has this story featured!

Thank goodness for Drudge (wink).

The capitol city of the United States of America is experiencing a crime wave so intense that the police have cried no mas.

That’s news isn’t it?

Or is a bitch working with an outdated definition of what news is?

Because my ass thinks that a major crime wave in Washington D.C. is more important than Joey Buttafuoco going back to jail, Star Jones Reynolds long term career choices and the latest set of twins to be born months apart due to some medical advancement specific to birthing twins months apart!

Y’all had room on your web sites; you just needed to clean up a bit to expose it!

Lawd, have mercy.

ABB’s Conspiracy Theory Moment…
Or maybe this is a sign of our government’s control of all things media related and this must be what it feels like to live in Russia and not know major shit happening right under your nose! Mmmhmm…this could be a case of pots trash talking kettles!


Or is it simply another sign of the growing infection that is entertainment present in the body that used to be news?

Update - CNN, the television version, decided to cover the D.C. crime wave story this morning. Oh, and they also covered whether Vince Vaughn purchased a massive engagement ring for Jennifer Anniston...going so far as to show the alleged gem and then clarifying that reps for both sorta-stars have denied the report they (CNN of the star fucking CNNs) just spent that last 10 minutes spewing!

Lawd, save us all...


Anonymous said...

So far in July, there have been 14 murders here in DC. Tourists have been attacked on the National Mall. Chief Ramsey has my support.

Thanks for writing about it, though. I really dig your blog.

thatfarmgirl said...

I live in metro DC and the armed robberies on the Mall were all over the news last night. Followed by the Christie Brinkley/Peter Ford breakup. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

News as we knew it growing up, is dead.

and GOD HELP YOUR ASS if you don't have cable OR broadband internet.

you wont know SHIT.

and honestly...lots of people are ok with it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info ABB. You are right... I think those topics are noteworthy... I firmly believe that are media is censored and controlled by the government. Just a way to keep the blinders on to what it really happening... Besided the media is or only source of news unless we are involved. Of course the gov wants to keep is deaf, dumb and blind... That way when we wake up living in hell one day.. We cannot prepare or even have a clue of how to get out... If interested maybe you should check into how our constitution is changing right under our noses.... Freedom i think not.. Illusion is a better word...

Good day

Anonymous said...

you're absolutely right. Star Jones? Fun. But really, just another silly celebrity story. But a crime wave in D.C. That's news. Really.
We're just entertaining ourselves to date.

Jonzee said...

As a former resident of District--I'm not particularly surprised. Gentrification happened with a quickness there. Some Negro's either sold their goldmines and headed for the heels on the heels of W folk in the 'burbs or couldn't afforded it and headed to Prince George County.

After years of disenfranchisement and neglect, now that the white folk have moved in droves and raised the average price of a single family home from $250,000 to $484,000 in four years, congress wants to change that (after saying "pish posh" to it for years)

Thats gotta make a whole rack a bitches mad enough to rob somebody.

Anonymous said...

I think it's both. I think there is a constant pressure to suppress news of real import in favor of throwing out the sort of schlock we usually reserve for devouring at the supermarket checkout line by reading the headlines of the Weekly World News.
Thing is, we've come to enjoy the sensationalism inherent in certain types of stories while eschewing REAL news, which is what your DC crime story is. It's real, it's not good, and it's just another example, were it being touted, as "the Liberal Media's need to make America look bad."
Hmm, perhaps that's a possible third reason for so many stories being swept under the rug: fear of the news agency being labeled.

Gina said...

You are most certainly correct. The mainstream media has dumbed down to the point where only sensationalism will sell and they attempt to clown every story in an effort to make it front page news. I am disheartened about the police being out gunned and out manned in D.C. As one of out major tourist attractions and the seat of out government, it is imperative that the police be armed to the teeth and shoot to kill starting with jaywalkers and pickpockets...

Vera said...

It's all about media bias. It's not so much liberal or conservative, but based on ratings and therefore, advertizing dollars.

I guess the mainstream media didn't think the story would interest their target audience.

They feel that people rather hear about Vince and Jen, the latest missing co-ed, or Paris Hilton misadventure instead of a serious crime problem in our Nation's capital.

Anonymous said...

This is appropriate reading for me today as I just watched Good Night & Good Luck last night. I too must agree, real news is dead.

Anonymous said...

Juvenal got it right - "Panem et circenses."

We've gone from Roman Emperors handing out free wheat and hosting costly spectacles as a means of pacifying the populace to our Government spouting "Mission Accomplished" while CNN gushes over the latest celebrity gossip. Shame on them and shame on us for letting them get away with it.

I'm feeling nostalgic - anyone else remember when CNN did the news?

Anonymous said...

I'm nostalgic, too, rileysdtr. You mean all this time we could have been getting free bread?

Morrigan said...

...and I was thinking of taking the kids down to the Smithsonian at some point this summer.

After see the "crime wave" piece on Yahoo news this morning - fuck that.

I'll make a day of it with the kids over in B'more. The museums might not be free (low-budget does not describe my finances) but we're a lot less likely to get robbed in the middle of the day.

Anonymous said...

Fact is DC has been having this problem for decades. This is not new. It like every other city has been neglected to the point where folks feel desperate enough to steal and harm others. And as with most things in the US, it has to do with socio-econmics. Many will say it is a race thing. But I think the US has always operated on keeping the poor ever poor. No matter the race. I go back to the idea that in San Francisco, one of the districts that bring in the most moeny, the theatre district is an area that seems so run down and unsafe that it is unfathomable. Where is all the money that the resatuarants, hotels and theatres bring in going. Why are cities stealing money from themselves. It makes no sense. It is all betond wack.

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