Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rewind and catching up...

This morning a bitch caught a snippet of a news clip featuring a certain Tony Snow at a Press Briefing and it has been swirling about in my mind.

Mr. Snow acknowledged the violence in Iraq, but added that some of the perpetrators may actually be ‘gangs of rowdies’.

A bitch was so intrigued by this phrasing that my ass looked up the exchange on the White House Press Briefing web site like thing.

Question…Since the President's visit to Baghdad, the one secret trip, since then, has the President been satisfied with the progress on the ground?

Mr. Snow…Well, I think -- I don't want to characterize satisfied or dissatisfied. It is clear that there is -- that there is work to do to secure Baghdad. And General Casey has made no secret of that, and other spokesmen in Baghdad have made no secret of that.
So now we're working with the government to say, okay, what can we do. What can we do to go ahead and get into those neighborhoods, deal with sectarian violence, but also deal with the fact that in some cases, there really is just gangs of rowdies?


There is just so much to work with there.

Where to start?

Perhaps with the ever changing language being used to refer to those shooting at us and each other in Iraq…Al Qaeda became terrorists...terrorists became evil doers that then morphed into foreign fighters mixed with evil doing Al Qaeda sympathizers...which danced into a tango with militants who then became insurgent militant forces who later were shortened to insurgents that were revealed to be sectarian fighters who may, in some cases, actually be ‘gangs of rowdies’.


I don’t know what scares me more…the fact that the White House is basically saying that West Side Story is breaking out all over Iraq or the fact that the masses aren’t calling them on this shit.

Gangs of rowdies?


A bitch can’t help but recall the un-agreed upon agreement struck between Scooter B. and the world that ‘as Iraqi forces stand up we will stand down’. Does that include ‘gang of rowdies’ based violence?

So, we are now going back in from whence we just left to re-establish previously re-established order…100 people are being killed every day in sectarian/insurgent/evil doers/militant violence…and we are pledged to 'stay the course' until Iraqi forces get their shit together.

Whatever happened to those trained regiments on the verge of preparedness?

What happened to establishing a shiny example of democratic ecstasy for the Middle East to envy and aspire to?

All hell has broken out and a bitch would appreciate someone…somewhere…having the decency to pretend to keep the lie alive Nixon style.


Produce a barrel of WMD…or some altered picture showing Satan dancing around a giant fire in central Baghdad…something to make this feel less like the never-ending shit spiral of unachievable success followed indefinable victory that it is and always has been.

Gawd, it makes me long for the days of sex scandals and cigar jokes...


Shark-Fu said...

And thus begins the circular debate. Support our troops does not equal support a flawed effort that they have been called to participate in.

On that it is clear that we will disagree...but wanting our men and women in uniform to have the respect of a Powell Doctrine based mission is not something I'm prepared to back down on.

And that's with several forward deployed service members on my prayer list...you included, honey.

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking on this site for quite a while (you're brilliant ABB) and i've never felt the need to comment before. Having said that, as a former military member and someone who was forward deployed i must say that the only effect hearing anti-war protesters refer to the war we are fighting as "the never-ending shit spiral of unachievable success followed by indefinable victory" was to up it dramatically. It made me very proud to know that at least some small part of the population for whom i was fighting was willing and able to think for themselves.

Keep up the good work.

Maven said...

All I can muster up is, "Snow Job." He's their in-house Media Spin-Monkey.

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