Tuesday, July 03, 2007

By Request - Crushing 2008...

A certain Meg sent a bitch an e-mail wanting to know why my ass hasn’t gone on the record about which, if any, Presidential hopeful I’m supporting.

Based on the offer of a bumper sticker in support of a certain someone this bitch assumes that Meg wants a bitch to throw my support and bitchitude behind her chose candidate.

Interesting sorta-offer…

…but I am undecided.

As a matter of fact a bitch is more than a wee bit worried about anyone who has decided this far out.

But whatever…this bitch certainly understands crushing on a candidate.

I just don’t suffer from that shit.

But Shark-fu, why don’t you suffer from it?

Great question, Meg (wink)!

While candidates scramble to lock in likely voters…appeal to undecided voters…and secure the endorsement of groups representing potential voters…we, the people, have a rare opportunity to ask them shit and perhaps get answers.


What do they mean when they say public education is failing our kids? How do they define failing?

How do they intend to decide on Supreme Court justices?

When was the last time they went to the market and purchased milk?

Why do they want to be President?

How would they address the still present fucktitude of FEMA?

What would they do to make right the wrong done to The Gulf region?

When they say they are pro-choice what does that mean to them?

Are they prepared to go on the record in support of the return of comprehensive sex education to the classroom?

What initiatives do they plan to address the immigration question? Do they think immigration is a problem?

How do they define the job description of President of the United States? What is the role of the President?

Do they support pre-emptive war? Do they agree with The Powell Doctrine?

What are they prepared to do to address the ongoing conflict in Iraq and what are they prepared to do if their plan doesn’t work?

Ho do they intend to maintain the balance between security and liberty?

Pause…sip water…continue…

Meg, a bitch has seen friends fret and delay decisions for weeks over whether or not to purchase a whatnot at Target.

And you can return a whatnot to Target (keep the receipt!!) if you get it home and it looks like shit.

Don’t you think the decision over who will have the power to fuck shit up for the next four years should be approached with caution rather than wrap it up I’ll take it passion?

Hasn’t the long national nightmare that is Bush II- Revenge of the Knave taught us anything?

Candidates should know that they must achieve my vote and earn my support.

So, thanks but no thanks for now on the bumper sticker offer.

This bitch and Ms. Sister Girl Cabrio’s ass shall remain unadorned and undecided...


Disgusted in St. Louis said...

It appears I follow the same voting "philosophy" as ABB. I'm not supporting anyone anyone at this time it is just way to early*. I want the candidates to be held to account and answer real questions from real people, but it appears they will never get asked anything that isn't pre-screened and pre-approved.

A few other important questions off the top of my head that need serious answers:

What do you think about Global Warming?

How do you propose to reduce green house gas omissions?

Who you trust more, scientists or theologians, on issues of astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, medicine, physics -- on subjects of science (sex education would fall in here , too)?

What will you do to insure the safety of our food and water supply?

We haven't even begun to ask the questions about declining wages (where is that increase in the minumum wage) and health care. Wouldn't it be nice to see just one of them stand up and shout, "Health insurance is not health care! We need universal health care, now!"

* aside from holding out hope for Al Gore to be re-elected

MAWG said...

Lord have mercy, Bitch. Your bitchitude just keeps getting better and better.

Anonymous said...

i love this. you are SO right. linking as we speak...

Anonymous said...

I too am holding off. My dream is that someone will come along who will say, "I'm running for office. I would like a whole lot of you to give me five bucks to run my campaign. I will run it the cheapest way I can. When I get into office, I will be beholden to no one. I will govern for the greatest good for the greatest number."
Wouldn't that be nice?
Lest this seem utopian, that is the way our current mayor ran, and he won. He's the best mayor this town has ever had, too.

CP said...

Amen...and I keep hearing people saying they are going to vote for hilary, based on the fact that bill has the experience. That frightens me because the logic is, well, illogical. I save my vote until the very last day. The only thing I will commit to is NO MORE BUSH Brothers in office...ever!


Maureen O'Danu said...

I have got to find time to wander across the state and sip vodka crans with you. Got to.

Anonymous said...

But... how do you decide when you know your not likely to get an honest answer to any of those astute and important questions?

Anonymous said...

Damn skippy... We might've been able to get away with just being a candidate fanboy/fangirl during the Clinton 90's but no longer. Time to be big boys and girls and raise our expectations. This shit aint reality TV ya'll. This is FOR REAL.

christine mtm said...

I'm with you too. i have ideas, but i don't have a firm stand on any of them yet, except perhaps for the ones i would not vote for.

Camera Obscura said...

I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only soul to wait for the inevitable freudian slips and other fall out (where one learns wee bits of the candidates' true feelings) before considering a choice.

Anonymous said...

My only question - to the entire Country is: "Since when did President of the United States become a starter job?"

Nothing against cousin Barack O'Bama... thrilled that Fred Thompson at least looks the part... and I'm sure Rudy can tear away time from his speaking engagements... but come ON, people! I don't want a "fresh face" in Washington. I want someone who knows what he/she is doing on the world stage.

Now, I will support whatever Democratic candidate survives the Death March that our Primaries have become, but my hopeful vote goes to Hillary Clinton NOT because I want Bill back (or because I am such a Celine Dion fan), but because she has the strongest resume of any Democratic Candidate. From Yale Law to two-term senator with Foreign Policy experience... her pedigree gets my vote. Is she electable? Don't know - that's for the Masses to decide. Does she have the most experience and the grit to get the job done? Yes, she does.

Y'all vote for whom you believe in your heart will do the best job, but for heaven's sake, it's like buying a car. Don't get caught up in the "ooh, shiny!" trap and ignore the time-tested model with the great warranty.

Anonymous said...

"Candidates should know that they must achieve my vote and earn my support." Love that! Love the questions, too-- let's see if we get some specific answers in plain language, not politician-speak!

Anonymous said...

As a first time voter and someone who admittedly doesn't keep up on world affairs as well as I should...

Where is a good place to learn about the presidential candidates and what they stand for/believe in/etc etc?

Shark-Fu said...

Great question Cherry!

I recommend that you research a lot of sources. Start with the issues...google tax reform, education, social security reform, reproductive choice or whatever issues you are concerned about.

Identify why you vote and that will lead you to what you are looking for in a candidate and out of an administration.

Issue research can be done through advocacy group web sites and the candidates web sites.

Then get your peskitutde on!

Contact local candidate reps and ask questions. Contact the national offices and ask questions. Look at who is endorsing the candidate, call them up and ask them why.


Jump on blogs and ask questions (wink). Call up NPR and ask away.

Be pesky...don't hesitate to get clarification for things you don't understand...don't ever take anyone at their word - get proof...and start now while everyone & their mother is eager for young women voters.

Welcome to the voting masses & feel free to drop me a line if you hit a snag!

J said...

I just wish someone would seriously ask these questions when they're on TV, and that they would have the chance to seriously answer them, not in a debate format when they only have 3 minutes, but in a thoughtful, rational manner. Might make it easier to decide.

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