Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Because of the after that always follows...

A bitch was beyond busy yesterday!

A day full of to-dos and have to-dos turned into a day spent in frenzy.


But I was able to spend a soothing evening watching my new favorite television channel, Ovation. Ovation is the shit…an entire channel dedicated to fine art! A bitch can’t speak to all of the programming, but Ovation had a night of Beat generation documentaries this past Monday and followed up last night with Melvin Van Peebles in a documentary about blaxploitation in film.


A bitch tips my TiVo remote to thee, Ovation!

Moving forward…

A bitch is in the process of pulling together a plan for my grassroots organization to address Missouri’s medieval law banning comprehensive sex ed from public schools and restricting access to reproductive medical care or counseling throughout the state.

Look for more information on this project in upcoming posts.

A couple of trolls asked…well, it was more like a demand (y’all need to work on your home training)…why a bitch dare try to impose my values on others.


Although I am tempted to point out that my anger is in response to Governor Blunt imposing his values on others and to the Missouri legislature drafting a law that encourages ignorance, denies the known data on sex education and is a de facto declaration of war on women…cough…I’m going to go with the following reply instead.

This bitch gives a shit about HB 1055 because of the after that always follows.

I give a shit because I am an activist in my community who has seen what Matt Blunt would have to visit the ‘hood to see (but Lawd knows he prefers to meet his black people photo op quota in more tranquil suburban settings).

I am haunted by women who found out about reproductive options after they became pregnant…who found out about stds after they tested positive…who found out about their worth after they were exploited.

This bitch is there for the after that always follows legislation like HB 1055.

I’m at the shelter you will not fund that is filled to capacity with young mothers in search of the housing you will not approve.

I hold the babies you lost interest in the moment they were born.

I comfort the mothers…the women…my sisters who you will not mentor, volunteer to teach or employ.

So you can bet your ignorant trollified ass I’m going to teach the classes you have attempted to ban through HB 1055.

Got that?


Now get thee gone…


Anonymous said...


Since when is it some kind of SIN to express your OPINIONS???

If people don't like the shit they read on other peoples blogs they need to troll the fuck down the road....

Best, Blog Trotter

Maya's Granny said...

God give us more like you. I have taught the women who suffered and were ignored and worked to heal the children who were born too early into their mothers' lives. It is hard work and anyone who does it gets to say what she wants to see available to help those women and those children.

Anonymous said...

ABB--I'm not black; I'm not female; but I am angry at many of the things that tick you off. Keep it up, and God speed you. I came here from FDL to give you my support. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me, Blunt would not be caught dead in a black neighborhood, cuz he **would** be caught dead there.

Anonymous said...

Hey, ABB - Read about you over at Firedoglake. You've got a fantastic blog! I'm over on the other side of the state - and what a sorry ass state Blunt has us in.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hey, ABB - Heard about you over at Firedoglake. You've got a fantastic blog!

I'm over on the other side of the state - and what a sorry state Blunt has us in.

Keep up the good work!

Blue Girl, Red State said...

ABB - we hit the jackpot today! Whooooeeee!!! You got your posts linked at Fire Dog Lake, and mine was linked at Crooks & Liars - and I did what any good Jew who has ever worked in public health would do - I asked for money!

As to why I give a rat's ass...

Because I give some of my time to the lab in a community health clinic. You see, I take care of the kids you stop caring about the second they draw a breath. I'm the one who pokes needles in their tender young skin to draw blood samples to test for lead poisoning (see my blog for more on that travesty) because those kids you demand be born are forced to live in substandard housing. I make referrals to shelters when I see women who have been beaten in hopes they would miscarry. I see and touch and feel the children you cease to give a good god damn about after they draw that first breath and you dust your hands off and say "mission accomplished" and then turn around and proceed to bitch about welfare mothers and "drains on society."

I give a rat's ass because I am a human being and unlike these craven mother fuckers, I know that there is more to that than our genetic makeup.

Unknown said...

You don't mince words and I like that. You give it to the extremists with both barrels. I will tip my hat to you ABB.

And I hope to hell there is still a decent judge sitting on the bench in Missouri that will hear this case, because surely Planned Parenthood has no choice but to force the issue into a courtroom

I am praying mightily for a win for the good guys. We can't take much more of this shit before we go postal on their narrow-minded,bigoted, theocratic asses.

ac said...

You are my hero!
Blessing to you.

Anonymous said...

I think you have a great idea for this. Try to fund via this:

BlogPac Entrepreneur Contest: Rules and How To Enter
Submitted by Chris Bowers on Tue, 2007-07-10 16:44. Entrepreneur Contest

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2. In the email, describe your idea, organization or campaign, and how it will help build progressive infrastructure. Please keep descriptions under 1,000 words.

3. After the description, explain how much money and other resources you need in order to make this idea, campaign or organization work. Additionally, provide a brief outline of your plan for raising and spending that money. Please keep this description under 1,000 words.

4. Submissions will not be accepted after 10 p.m. eastern time, on Tuesday, July 24, 2007.

5. Winning entries will be determined by the panel of eight judges. Chris Bowers, Gina Cooper, Susan Gardner, Adam Green, Jane Hamsher, Justin Krebs, Ben Rahm and, Matt Stoller.

6. Winning entires will be given a maximum of $5,000. Smaller awards may also be given as the panel of judges sees fit. The winners will be announced at the Open Left caucus at Yearly Kos 2007, although the winning entires will be notified ahead of time.

7. In order to be eligible for consideration, an entry must focus on progressive infrastructure, not public policy. This contest is not trying to pass or propose specific legislation, but instead to build upon the architecture of the progressive movement.

8. In order to be eligible for consideration, an entry cannot have received more than $25,000 in donations or other revenue in the past calendar year. We are trying to give small organizations a boost.

Shark-Fu said...

Dear matt blunt's arse...great name, by the way.

But i doubt it is fear of violence that keeps Matt in the county. It has more to do with money, honey...and votes.

Which is why we must vote his money hungry voting rights denying ig'nant ass out of office.

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