Monday, July 23, 2007

A democracy groweth in Pakistan?

Well, it looks like Dickie C. officially yielding the power we all assume he already yields didn’t bring about the end of days.


I still think it was wise to be prepared.

Think of it as a Tyranny Preparedness drill (wink)!

Moving forward…

A democracy groweth in Pakistan?
This bitch has long been fascinated by the ability of Scooter B. and his minions to get the press to buy the premise of his argument that American is on a mission to spread democracy through the region.

There are too many examples that expose that as bullshit!

Why, just this past week Pakistan emerged as the latest example.

Scooter B. and his minions allied themselves with a certain President Pervez Musharraf to fight the war against…well, it got complicated...sigh...but Pakistan was crucial to the war America started out fighting because "the enemies of freedom” were camped out on the Pakistani Afghan border.

For reasons that only befuddle the Bush administration, the “enemies of freedom” are still camped out on the Pakistani Afghan border and we’ve been sleeping with one eye open trying to keep the love alive with Pakistan despite their tendency to get their creep on and step out with…well, the “enemies of freedom” camped on their border with Afghanistan.


But fuck it all, chil’ren! Musharraf is still our guy…sort of. And Bush probably looked into his eyes and judged him to be a good soul.

But last week the Supreme Court of Pakistan reinstated its Chief Justice in defiance of Musharraf, who clearly has been reading Dictatorship for Dummies and was trying to prevent the establishment of an independent judiciary.

Gawd, that sounds so achingly familiar.

So, Pakistan is making moves…internal shifts and challenges show signs of a pro-democracy movement supported by the citizens (oh my!)…and the United States of America is upset because…what?

Well, because a democratic victory in Pakistan would unseat our guy in Islamabad…who we appear to value more than the growth of democracy in the region.

Lawd, if that doesn’t make your afro hurt nothing will!

The Pakistani people are just going to have to learn some patience! Freedom takes time…blink…and the approval of the United States government based on the calculated risks and benefits to the How to Get to Fubar in 6 Years or Less Master Plan the administration’s been working off of from day one.


Anonymous said...

Someone PLEASE get this bitch her own show!!!! A one woman commentary guaranteed to make your brain cells sizzle!!!

My sides hurt from laughing so damn hard... I think I need a vidka cran to calm down..

Love AOB

Anonymous said...

Naturally they're upset. How frustrating it must be to BUsh that, as he's attempting his military coup takeover of the U.S., the guy who successfully did it in Pakistan's about to be taken down!

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