Monday, March 26, 2007


Okay…alright…here we go!

But first, a review of Carrot Stew…
All I can say is that carrot stew is a party in your mouth.

Happiness followed by joy!

Which was a good thing, because a bitch had a dawg walking accident Saturday and was in desperate need for some happiness and joy by the time Sunday came ‘round.

Why this bitch is limping on a crutch today...
Basically, I was walking the sorta-beagles when they houndishly fixated on something to the left. This bitch was walking to the right.

Dawgs tugged left…a bitch spun around to the right…my feet stayed where they were…and something made a pop in my right ankle.


Honest! This bitch heard something pop down there!


I hit the ground cursing all things beagle. By the time I made it home I was convinced that my ankle was no longer attached to my leg.
Which made me feel hurlish on top of battered.

Beyond nasty!

But not nasty enough to have this bitch run out to visit a St. Louis city Emergency Room on a Saturday night.

A phone call to my doctor friend Lukas (hugs and thanks to you) put me more at ease. Apparently I wouldn’t have been able to hobble around on it if I had really fucked it up! And a quick trip to my doctor this morning confirmed that this bitch has the mother of all sprains in my ankle area.


Sorta-beagles should come with warning labels!


Weasel said...

That brings back quite a few memories! When I was fourteen, my dog Thor decided he would "jet" out of the gate to our backyard.

The grass was wet. I was only wearing flip flops. And I did a pretty solid faceplant right there in the yard. I also said a few things most 14 year old girls should not say. Loudly.

When the leash went slack, Thor stopped and turned around. I think he figured out what had just happened because his tail went straight between his legs. I have never seen a more apologetic looking dog.

The bruises healed, but the memories stayed. I can laugh about it all now.

Here's hoping your ankle heals quickly.

Why don't dogs come with warning labels anyway? They need 'em sometimes! The government ought to do something about that! :)

Me. Here. Right now. said...

Ouch. But this is a good time to have friends wait upon your pitiful self. Send in the Smarties and the cocktails!

BigAssBelle said...

but aren't they cute? beagles and sorta-beagles? life without puppies would be no fun at all.

Gunta said...

I'll try again. My first comment disappeared.

You have my heart-felt sympathy.

I've never broken a bone, so can't vouch for this, but I've been told a sprain hurts way worse than a break. Having had a couple of sprained ankles, I FEEL for you.....

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery!

Maya's Granny said...

For my 12th Christmas, I got shoe skates (a big deal in 1954) and my best friend Linda and I went skating, being pulled by her absolutely Cocker. Cat ran in front of us. Cocker ran after cat. I hit the grass at just the wrong angle. My ankle was broken -- your friend Lucas is right. I couldn't walk on it. Linda went home and got my dad and he drove and got me.

A couple of years later, I sprained that same ankle. The sprain wasn't as serious, but it hurt more.

Unknown said...

ABB --> my first time visiting your Blog. I can see that I'll be coming back. U r truly off the hook.

I invite you to check out the Electronic Village if you have time.

peace, Villager

christine mtm said...

i broke my foot when carrying my daughter down the steps once. not a fun thing either.

sending sympathies and heal quick thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Yeek! Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation (RICE) is the trick. To get the swelling down, the following is good (although the pain is almost religous until you get used to it): fill up a pot of hot-as-you-can-stand water and another of icy slushy water. Put foot in ice bath. Shriek, but leave it for 5 minutes. Then transfer to hot bath. Yelp. Leave for 10 minutes. Repeat 3x daily. It's what we had to do in college for various sports injuries, and it was effective.

BTW, it's tie on the break/sprain question. Depends upon degree of both. Trust me - I know of what I speak...

Anonymous said...

I must say the sorta beagles always make my day--Oops-I didn't mean the day they almost broke you up
Dog walking debacles always call for a whole lot of baked macaroni and cheese. Hope somebody's got your back.

thatfarmgirl said...

Thrilled the carrot stew brought you some happy happy joy joy!

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