Thursday, March 22, 2007

Connectitude Part 1…

This bitch adores the documentary Connections that airs on BBC when the programming gods are kind enough to bless us. If you haven’t seen it a bitch recommends the hell out of it!

The best thing about Connections is that it changed the way I viewed things. Rather than see incidents or historical happenings as isolated events I see how they connect out…how one thing leads to another…and how shit spirals of political bullshit growth and expand.


Anyhoo, today will be a day of bitchitude is in the spirit of Connections

Shall we?

10 Commandments + NASA Scandal + Pace = Selectively Applied Bullshit
A bitch caught the end of a news item this morning that made my afro twinge.

The astronaut at the center of the NASA kidnapping/sexual misconduct whilst in space scandal has a new job. Now this normally wouldn’t have caused a bitch to pause, but this morning the connections jumped up into my brain and set up house.

Let’s start with the 10 Commandments…specifically the ones stating that folks shouldn’t commit adultery or covet their neighbor’s wife. Which provides us with a connection…a possible man on woman fluid exchanging sex or at the very least covet based connection…to the recent NASA “stay away from my man” scandal.

Lisa Nowak (in the Navy), who is still legally married, apparently lost her shit and allegedly attempted to kidnap a romantic rival for the affection of another astronaut Bill Oefelein (also in the Navy). Following Nowak’s arrest all manner of sexy e-mails surfaced that seem to point towards flirtations between Oefelein and the may have been almost kidnapped female victim…those e-mails apparently were going back and forth whilst he (Oefelein) was in space (oooooh, you kinky so and so!)…and the same e-mail exchanges may or may not have driven Nowak to drive to Florida and allegedly almost kidnap her might be rival.


Nowak was let go from NASA but not the Navy…Oefelein remains there…and Shipman, the Air Force Captain who might have been almost kidnapped, is also still holding on strong.

Which connects to General Pace, who made personal comments about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell stating the he personally finds homosexuality immoral and feels that allowing gays to openly serve would be wrong and condone if not promote the blah blah followed by blahish bullshit. Pace went on to say…

“As an individual, I would not want [ acceptance of gay behavior ] to be our policy, just like I would not want it to be our policy that if we were to find out that so-and-so was sleeping with somebody else’s wife, that we would just look the other way, which we do not. We prosecute that kind of immoral behavior.”

To which a bitch responds with “Bullshit!”

Gays and lesbians are kicked out of the service for being gays and lesbians…but Lisa ‘my trial date has yet to be set and my divorce isn’t final’ Nowak just got a new job and Bill ‘can I show you my rocket’ Oefelein still has his NASA gig and apparently a guaranteed Navy slot if NASA kicks him the the curb.


Now, this may just be another case of a slow to address misconduct machine…sniff followed by sniff…but it smells like bullshit to me.


Now if you switch Oefelein for Shipman in this fucked up from the floor up mess of a drama-based scandal…cough…well, this bitch is pretty sure Nowak wouldn’t be starting a new gig.

But hey, thanks to the brass for clearing up that immorality confusion up for a bitch!


Anonymous said...

This is just another example of the nation's hypocracy. It is beyong sickening and tiring. These people are so stupid and I for one am tired of them breathing my oxygen. I am over all the hatred, stupidity, cloaked in religiousity.

Clio Bluestocking said...

You could also connect a few more dots in that all of those Arabic-speaking intelligence experts lost their positions because they were gay -- and not one of them read someone else's private e-mail then drove cross-country with their married ass in diapers to assault a rival.

Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

I think your sense of smell is functioning perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Bang on, as usual. I too smell b.s.

I read a great idea somewhere along the net today;
pick a date (May 1 for example), to have every homosexual in the military stand up and say: "I'm gay, and I want to serve my country" to their Superior(s). This would instantly force the government's hand, along with this issue, ending it once and for all at a possible cost of tens of thousands of servicemen and women. Kiss Iraq goodbye...

"Problem" Solved ! It's pretty much win-win. Won't happen, but there it is.

ben said...

oh, connections. one of the best parts of that show was burke explaining just how unstable history could be...that it's not all destined to work out in the end. he's the science history anti-Hegel, and for that...god bless him. and his cute and nerdy suits.

Francis Holland said...

Yup, that sure is some bullshit!

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