Thursday, March 15, 2007

Full of cookie-based joy...

Jumping right on it…

A bitch read this story about Disney’s first Black princess with some surprise.

Oh my!

How ‘bout that?

And the movie is set in New Orleans too!


This bitch may have to suffer through another Randy Newman score (wince) and witness animation history!

On a much yummier note…





Boxes of yummified goodness filled with empowered joy!

This bitch has already inhaled half a box of Thin Mints and we’re only on day two of having them in the house.


Fuck it!

Girl Scout Cookies are the shit!


cats said...

i am SOOO jealous! i'm still waiting for my girlscout cookies to arrive.

i was thinking the other day that disney doesn't have a black princess and how silly that was that they didn't and shouldn't somebody do something about that... i suppose someone read my mind.

Cynical said...

actually, i had some thin mints girl scout cookies and they made me sick...

yeah, i just wanted to comment on the cookies

Shark-fu said...

cats...your time too shall come! And I feel you on the princess thing even though I think she should have huge fierce afro-puffs (wink).

cynical...Sister, if you ate as many as I did that could be the reason why.


Ashlea said...

New reader Alert!

Yay for disney! It's about time! As a Art Student who worshipped Ddisney as a child I am SOOO excited that they've decided to give traditional animation a chance again instead of sticking to CGI. And As for Princess Maddy? ADORABLE! She looks like she's gonna have a Sassy attitude! Gotta love that!

Camera Obscura said...

Samoas. I have to beat the kids to keep them out of the Samoas. Samoas come only 16 to the box, unlike the box of 36 Thin Mints. And if I am not physically on hand to enforce the One.Samoa.At.A.Time.Dammit! Rule, my three monsters can wipe out a box between after-school snack and dinner.

Tiger Lilly said...

Black princess...New Orleans...sassy...You think they were inspired by yours truly??? Of course they were!! I just hope the rumors aren't true and they don't get Alicia Keys to do some gawd awful New York inspired Southern but not New Orleans accent. Beyonce either. I'm over her claims of being Creole. Hell, by definition, all Louisianians are.

I've already crushed 4 boxes of All Abouts, and the Samoas are next.

tinahorn_cae said...

ThinMints should be a controlled substance.