Tuesday, February 13, 2007

On such a winter's day...

A bitch is ill but better than yesterday. The weather has decided to show out by spitting ice, so my ass has taken to the couch under blankets for an all day snuggle with Betsey the sorta-beagle.


Oh, but the meds are fantabulous...mint flavored...yum!

Slow drugged blink.



Bitchitude shall return after a nap...


Maya's Granny said...

Naps are very good for you. Take a number of them and get well soon.

Bustednuckles said...

Get yourself to feeling better honey.
We'll be waiting for the next installment of Bitchitude.



Midgetqueen said...

Hope you get to feelin' better soon!

<3 MQ

pat blashill said...

Get well soon, ABB. I thought I had Ebola once too, but I happened to be reading A Coming Plague at the time, so no one would take me seriously! Bastards.
I'm a short time reader, first time poster. I found you by googling afro-puffs, then coming across your post (from a year ago?) about you wearing them as a kid. That was a very sweet and funny piece of writing. Thank you!