Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy February 14th, chil'ren!

Well, that was one hell of a long ass nap from yesterday (wink)!

A bitch is feeling much better and full of appreciation for all things medicinal and mint flavored.

Special thanks to a certain Todd of ToddSpot who sent a bitch iTune joy! And let me tell you, that man has great taste in music.

Hugs to you!

This bitch spent way too long warming up the frozen Sister Girl Cabrio…and brushing the mountain of snow off of her ass…and scrapping her windows (Gawd, that had to hurt)…so trust that a bitch was cold and bitter by the time I made it into the office.

Mercy, it took me longer to get Ms. Sister Girl Cabrio’s shit together than it took to drive to work.



Confession - a bitch is beyond spoiled by a short commute.


So imagine my happiness and joy when the mail came and a box from Montreal was in the mix.

Mmmhmmm, that can only mean one thing.

Jeremy has sent a bitch Smarties and various Smartie-based treats from Canada!

Happy, happy, happy followed by joy upon joy upon joy!

Thank you for making this illish bitch’s day so much better.

To top it all off, a bitch has plans to celebrate the international day of expressed love…otherwise known as Valentine’s Day…also known as the day Hallmark throws one hell of an office party…by catching Jonestown at the movies.



Some people plan to watch When Harry Met Sally or Love Jones…a bitch and Brother Rob plan to get our platonic celebration on by watch a documentary about cult-based mass murder and suicide.

It’s gonna be great! We’re picking up some chicken and lots of napkins, but we thought it would be best if we brought our own individual Kool-Aid drinks.


However you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day or even if you don’t…Happy February 14, 2007!


Anonymous said...

All right, Little Sister, confess: just how short is that commute? The Windy City is digging out from a nice tasty blizzard - Part 1 across the a.m. commute and Part 2 across the evening - 2.5 hours in to work, 2 hours home. That's not the record, mind you: the record is 3.5 hours home one awful Winter night. (Fortunately, I had grocery-shopped on my lunch hour and after a while was sitting and jamming to the radio, peeling an orange, drinking a Diet Coke, and lamenting the fact I hadn't gotten any beer. The Better Half was on winter break so she and the dog were home safe and that was all I cared about...) So no matter how much snow you had to scrape off windows, my heart does not, exactly, bleed. BUT I do hope you feel better, and have a lovely warm evening.

Shark-Fu said...

Okay...but you have to promise not to hate a bitch...pause..

My commute is 3 minutes...5 minutes with traffic...7 minutes with snow.


I heard that (wink)...

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