Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My people call it accurate...

Faithful flock of bitchitude, please take the time to contact the John Edwards Campaign in support of my blog sisters Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon and Melissa McEwan of Shakespeare's Sister who are currently dealing with all manner of bullshit because they had the audacity to be critical of the Catholic Church.

Oh, no they didn’t.

Oh, yes they did!

But were they profane?

Not by the standards of the United Church of Bitchitude and Latter Day Drunks (wink).

My people would call them accurate…

Update - Pam's House Blend has posted an update to the situation...


hector said...

You bet I'm contacting the Edwards campaing in support of our sisters voicing the concerns of people living in the 21st century. Last time I checked, a piece of paper called the constitution, gave us the right to freedom of the press.

Anonymous said...

you all wish you was men

Kelley said...

Woo Hoo!! Yes! This post is why I LOVE your blog.

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

I think this comment from Steve Gilliard sums up what this "controversy" is all about:

If you think it stops with two bloggers, you're a fucking idiot. They want to make it impossible for Dem candidates to get help from the blogs.

CrankyProf said...


As a member of both the UCoBLDD and the Catholic Church...I was offended by what Marcotte blogged.

It's one thing to be critical of the church -- Hell, I'm critical of a lot of the policies -- but I think she did cross a line.

And frankly, if the Dems are going to kick any ass in the elections and continue the sweep, we've got to play nice -- part of tht is not openly ridiculing the faith of the people you're trying to woo. A lot of Catholics are concerned with the same social justice issues that the Dems are, but are unwilling to hop out of the Repub boat because they feel alienated by the majority of the Dem party. Marcotte's comments reaffirm that contempt and alienation.

In addition...if those comments were applied to any other religion -- Hinduism, Shinto, Islam, Judaism -- people would be screaming "hate speech!" and burning the Pope in effigy.

Shark-fu said...

Okay,a bitch broke my rule and approved that anonymous comment. Fuck it...I thought y'all could use a laugh.

Cranky - Thanks for reminding me that all members of the UCoBLDD don’t agree on everything! We are, after all, a big tent church group.

I can only speak for myself, but I find it difficult to avoid including the Catholic Church in policy critiques because the Church so often involves itself in public policy discussions.

The Catholic Church is its members, but it is also a huge non-profit organization with a mature lobbying arm that advocates on behalf of its interests in Washington and political centers all over the world.

I often feel that the burden of demonstrating respect is one sided in these debates…but that may just be the result of having been called a baby killer one time too many.

So, a bitch is grateful to my friends of faith for providing perspective and balance…and for some lively debates too(wink).

As for making nice…well, this bitch thinks that is just more of the same pandering we’ve seen too much of. There’s a thin line between making nice and bullshit that a bitch is forever mindful of...

CrankyProf said...

I just look at it this way: If Rudy Guiliani hired a couple of bloggers to help his campaign, and it came to light that one of those bloggers -- Bubba Oral Swaggart, for instance -- spent a lot of his time blogging about how all brown people were inferior in all ways, or that Jews were money-grubbing Christ-killers, or that slanty-eyed yellow people were taking over the world...we'd all be righteously and rightfully screaming our heads off.

We'd demand that Rudy-boy can them, distance himself from them, apologize for his poorchoices, or face the consequences of being tarred with "guilt by association."

We're supposed to be the party of inclusion.

Do I agree with some (OK, most) of my Evangelical brethren? No. And frankly, they think I worship the Whore of Babylon, and that I am going to Hell. But do I hold my nose and work alongside them for causes like Habitat for Humanity, Joseph's People, the Lord's Pantry food bank, etc.? Hell, yes -- because my faith tells me that's as it should be.

Unfortunately, agreeing to disagree and trying to hammer out comoon ground has been tarred by BOTH sides as pandering, and the result is, both sides lose a lot of the faithful.

Of course, at this point, I think they're all political whores all the way around, so it's possible that I am just bitter, cynical and jaded.

Shark-fu said...

Cranky...bitter, cynical and jaded unite us all!

But seriously, common ground is found more often than not...thank Gawd!

Which is why a bitch can volunteer at a shelter run by Catholic nuns yet still disagree with policies without being called out as guilty by association (wink).

Don't be discouraged by the struggle, my encouraged by the rewards yet to come.

It's Me, Maven... said...

Here's a good NY Times article devoted to Edwards and bloggers.