Tuesday, December 19, 2006


This bitch has a wicked headache, so if I seem a bit raw…oh, well fuck it.

Jumping right on in…

The Donald just announced the fate of a certain Miss USA.

She will not be fired.


Who the hell fires a Hot Mess Walking at the peak of a please mention my floundering pageant-based show as many times as you can so we can get some ratings next year frenzy ?

Not The Donald, that’s for fucking sure!

Tara Conner is now a household name...bless her soul (wink).

Mission accomplished!

Ummm, quick question…do the flowers and sash go to Ms. Conner or Mr. Trump?

A bitch has endured days of ‘will this shit hurt or help Miss USAs career?’ and ‘are beauty queens role models?’ speculation.

The coverage feeds a hungry beast…a public ravenous and panting with lust for more drama and a press ignoring all logic and reason to give it to them. Oh, give us our spectacle so that we can feel better than someone, smarter than someone, superior to those fools who 'didn’t play the game right' or 'got caught fucking up' and never mind that the game is rigged to give us just enough junk to stay hungry but never enough to satiate.

The sad reality is that in the era of humiliation television there is value in being a Hot Mess Walking. Which is why Ms. Conner, playing the small town innocent seduced by the wicked girl on girl kissing big drinking ways of the city (gasp and cover your chil'ren's eyes), got a second chance and Mr. Trump, triumphantly reborn as Caesar sparing the life of a combatant to the satisfaction of the masses, got some much needed scandal-based publicity for his pageant property and own bad hair style sporting self.


The press?


Y'all got old school played, for real...


Sue said...

Girl, you nailed it. Thanks!

Camera Obscura said...

Ooh. Joaquin Phoenix. Worth readin' a blog for! Lurved him in that movie!

J said...

I'm so clueless, I haven't been paying attention to this at all. But it sounds like you nailed it, as always.

Rainbow Party Lyrics said...

see also: courtney love's way too overlong career, and how i don't think she'll never be irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

"Hot Mess Walking"?

OMG. I love it.


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