Monday, October 31, 2005

Post #1 The Plague...

A bitch has a lot to say today, so hold on tight and buckle the fuck up.

A bitch had a hectic weekend full of appointments and such. The Sunday morning news shows got a bitch all riled up! Last night my ass snuggled up with the dawgs to watch something other than the news.

ABB’s Failed Attempt to Avoid Reality by Watching The Plague on The History Channel…
A bitch adores The History Channel! It can be hit or miss, but the hits are fantabulous. This bitch can’t get enough of historical drama and serial killers, so The History Channel is appointment viewing for my ass.

A bitch was so excited to hear that The History Channel was planning to show The Plague yesterday that my ass pre-scheduled it in the TiVO.

Shit, a bitch never said my ass was normal.

Anyhoo, The Plague was amazing. The show was a two-hour reconstruction of The Black Death’s reign of terror on the world. They did a really good job of incorporating medical experts, historical records, historians and cheesy reenactments complete with costumes, fake blood and faux festering black boils.


As this bitch watched The Plague devastate Europe my ass sipped my vodka grape cran (heavy on the vodka ‘cause my nerves are bad) and began to ponder what the modern world would do in the face of such a natural disaster.

This pissed me off, because the whole reason a bitch turned on The Plague was to avoid thinking about our own current fucked up Bird Flu pandemic waiting to happen world!


Well, shit…nothing to do but spin it out, because now my brain has latched on to reality and will not let it go.

A bitch has written extensively about Missouri’s fucked up non-health healthcare system. Medicaid benefits have been slashed and over 150,000 Missourians are now without healthcare. Anyone with a senior citizen in his or her world will know that Medicare is fucked up too.

So, when a bitch read this my ass almost went ballistic. On top of denying citizens healthcare under the guise of budget cuts at the state level, now the goons in government are planning to starve the people too!

Education sucks, so the masses will be too stupid to see the hammer coming down upon them. Reproductive rights are under attack (look for a post on that later on today, chil’ren) so the rich will get richer and the poor will get chil’ren. Healthcare is a fucking joke and we all know that will result in illness, additional poverty and suffering. And now, in order to pay for their fucking war and tax cuts, these evil motherfuckers are cutting food stamps in an effort to starve the masses!

But bitch…what does that have to do with The Black Death?

Great question chil’ren!

See, disease is the great equalizer. As a bitch learned last night, The Plague devastated the rich and the poor equally. Kings and peasants died the same miserable blood gagging boil-invested death!

Remember that the 1918 flu pandemic, which was an avian flu that mutated to spread from human to human, did much the same damage. Death, misery, population devastation…yep, that motherfucker was just a plague by another name. And lack of healthcare, crowded poverty stricken neighborhoods, economic greed and an apathetic government didn’t help the situation back in the day.

Well, chil’ren, it’s 2005 and the ingredients for a nice worldwide Plague are upon us!

13% of the population lives in abject poverty, which means that close to 25% of the population lives in extreme poverty and a whopping 35% is poor as a motherfucker. It may come as a shock to some, but malnutrition and unsanitary conditions are still a factor of American poverty.

Most Americans who fall into that 35% are the working poor, who were just removed from the Missouri Medicaid rolls and my ass is pretty sure we’re not the only state suffering under the miserable weight of a craven Republican non-family...fuck your family…my ass is only concerned about my family agenda. So, Americans are working more, making less, unable to see the doctor…what else can we add to this fucked up soup?

Yes! No more food! Yeah! Now the elderly, mentally ill, developmentally handicapped, poor and the struggling will no longer be able to count on their government for food. Wait, it gets better. Chil’ren will be pulled off of school lunches. A bitch works with several area schools that have already informed my ass that, should this budget butcher job make it through the senate, most of their students will loose the only real meal they get each day.

Way to fucking go!

Oh bitch, can it get any more fucked up?

Yes, chil’ren, it can.

Because all of this cold, compassionless, evil, typical craven assed governmental behavior is happening while the world faces the very real threat of another avian flu pandemic and the most globalized economy in modern history.

Hmmm…one would have to look back to…my ass doesn’t know…wait…oh yes, the era of the Black Death to see a caldron of despair such as this.



Greed and apathy…check.



You’ve just got to love progress!

Pay attention to Scooter’s grand plan to address a possible pandemic expected this week.

Did a bitch scare you, yet?

Happy fucking Halloween…!


Chris said...

That's right Shark Fu: Don't lunch.

I don't like to let fear take over, but it makes sense when reality is making its way through eastern europe, Greece and Turkey. Don't sleep.

It only took two new's reports on avian flu to light a fire under my ass. I looked up the masks the dude on CNN recommended (N95) to keep out the hibby jibbies. I went to a medical supply web site and bought two boxes worth- just enough to get my ass out of the city and up to the hills. I recommend everybody do the same. Here's the web site:

Admin said...

WTF am i supposed to eat?
beef = mad cow disease
chickens = bird flu
sea food = PCBs, dioxins, mercury
vegetables = pesticides

Maven said...

Don't forget water (PCPs, e-Coli, and other lovelies), and Dairy (BGH).

AOB said...

This old bitch has nutritionals and eco tru a nano tech disinfectant that kills tuberculosis AND HIV. I do not have health insurance so I keep my ass healthy!

The republicans are fucking nuts. I am sick to death of all my damn voting decisions having to be made in the context of either abortion or gay rights.


tsisageya said...

Yeah, Bush will play his "come home to big papa, all you scared, little children" motherfucking card. He'll remind us that it's a big, scary world out there, and only HE can save us. All this would be hugely funny if it weren't so motherfucking tragic. That man should NOT be allowed to get up and speak ANY motherfucking THING! He belongs either at Gitmo, or in a fucking INSANE assylum. My ass is FED UP!

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