Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Oh yes...my ass is angry!

A bitch is pissed off!

Fuck the coffee and the fucking Splenda too!

Indulge a bitch, please.

ABB’s Rant about Social Services…
Loyal readers know that a bitch’s brother, Bill, is autistic. Bill is not Rain Man autistic…he’s profoundly autistic.

Now, this bitch and my sister are my brother’s co-guardians. Our father is no longer living and our mother is crazy, so we are each other’s family. We like it that way. When we moved back home to St. Louis we knew that we were going to take on the role of guardianship.

And we have endured non-stop bullshit from day one of my guardianship.

The motherfuckers who administer Medicaid should have to live under Medicaid for a year…just one year…then their asses would have a better understanding of just how fucked up their blessed system is!

Two years ago a bitch assisted my brother’s caseworkers as they navigated the Medicaid wasteland in an attempt to get Bill a basic dental cleaning. 10 months later, Bill went in for a cleaning and came out with three filings and a root canal. A bitch is still waiting for someone to explain to me how paying $3,250 for a root canal is saving the taxpayers money when his general cleaning would have cost $250.


Two years later and we are stuck in the same nightmare. No dental and no fucking basic understanding that preventative medicine costs less than catastrophic treatment.

My brother lives in a group home. He requires 24-hour care, which is provided by one of the leading centers for autistic care in the country…which is right here in St. Louis. We are blessed that Bill is not rotting in a Mental Hospital…a bitch knows that. But Bill is dependent on Social Security and that is where he gets fucked. Bill pays for his housing and all that falls under that. Missouri, desperate to ensure that a 35 year old autistic with a vocabulary of less that 100 words doesn’t take them for a ride, indulges in yearly changes to his housing guidelines.

So, year-to-year Bill is better off working…then not working…living in a group home…then living in a private care facility…paying for his shit as an individual…then paying for his shit as part of a group.

And this black bitch is a fucking case manager…rather than the fucking sister my ass wants to be!

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...fucking fuck it!


The Facility and assholes
A bitch is pissed about a specific thing…the social workers who run my brother’s facility. Not all social workers, but these specific social workers and the social workers who trained them and the social workers who trained the motherfuckers who trained those assholes. A bitch is so tired of asking for basic communication and being confronted with terminology.

A bitch is fed up with people discussing my brother as the client, the patient and the case.

A bitch can’t stand one more fucking minute of some master degree-holding asshole ranting about forms, estimates, procedure and all of it! If my ass hears the word 'behaviors' one more motherfucking time....UGH!

A bitch just wants to be called and told when something happens…my ass doesn’t give a shit who told who what and who was supposed to notify me by such and such form!


Bill lost his job September 30th. He was supposed to have that job until December. A bitch was notified last night. My ass still hasn't been contacted regarding a plan.

This is unacceptable!

Bill got upset at his dentist appointment last week and they had to cut it short. His rescheduled appointment was canceled today because someone forgot to order his calm down pill. A bitch will be lighting candals tonight in the hopes that the decency gods will motivate someone to FUCKING CALL MY ASS AND TELL ME WHEN THE APPOINTMENT IS!

This is unacceptable.

And once again my ass is stuck managing a case with after the fact information and a resistant system that seems determined to make guardianship such a fucking misery that my ass will abandon my brother, step out of their way and just let them do with him what they wish.

Good try, motherfuckers! All y'all did was bring down another load of whoop ass from this angry black bitch.

A bitch ain’t going anywhere…my ass can’t say the same thing about this fucked up system.

Lawd have mercy! Life isn't supposed to be like this...


Jeffrey Ricker said...

Honey, I wish I could wave a wand to make all this resolve itself. And then, I would take said wand and proceed to shove it up every one of those fuckers' rumps. Because I'm betting they deserve it.

Or maybe they should just be destroyed. Preferably by flaying alive.

Anonymous said...

It's disconcerting to witness a first-hand breakdown of the social worker system. All this from states that require a specialized degree in social work (no other human services programs accepted for licensure). And in so doing, had to drop "people skills" as a requirement.

Give 'em hell!

AOB said...

My grandson is very profoundly autistic, no verbal skills and not potty trained. He is 12 and still at home. What a handful!!!My daughter has two other children.

I hear you girlfriend and my prayers are with you. You may have to consider paying for services or bringing him home for awhile that is until the rules change again.

My grandson can not get social services or medicaid because his parents are MARRIED. The stupid slut case worker told her to divorce her husband, quit work and go on welfare.

What the fuck!!!!! Give these bastards some more shit for me!!!

Unknown said...

Give 'em hell girlfriend! Take care of your own and don't let them beat you down. I know the system is fucked, but I know you can get the job done.

Maven said...

The only way this could have been any more perfect would have been if you mentioned the facility BY NAME.

Please, by all means, if you suspect any type of outright FRAUD being perpetrated re: Medicaid, do not wait one moment longer, and call your State's Attorney General's Office, I am sure they have a Medicaid Fraud Unit. Hell it's worth the toll call just to SEE what they can do:

Medicaid Fraud Hotline: Toll-free 1-800-286-3932

Maven said...

Missouri Attorney General's Office
Supreme Court Building
207 W. High St.
P.O. Box 899
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: 573-751-3321
Fax: 573-751-0774


Crystal-Lynn said...

I laughed out loud at this breakdown of the run around.

The problem is with one particular house staffer who can't manager her way out of a wet paper bag -- do her paperwork and call a bitch. Her superiors, the day to day sweet old ladies and the Dept of Mental Health caseworker all all good souls with some sense. And the Medicaid system itself is fucked. Bill's in a great placement overall -- ABB will probably be fundraising for them when she calms down over the dental drama. I just hope the dentist stays with him and isn't still pissed about the broken instruments from the last appointment -- one of the few in town who takes Medicaid and developmentally disabled patients. Bitch slapping the system is more cost effective than paying out of pocket -- I recall every check I've ever written including the $980 to put Bill under for that root canal (reimbursed eventually thank God).

To AOB, your grandson might outgrow his potty problems. Bill did after his Jackson-Pollack-with-his-own-shit phase. He graduated to masturbating -- all in all, preferable to the potty issue.

Maven said...

Crystal, I choked on my coffee just now reading your comment about "Jackson Pollack Phase ... with his own shit."

I have a friend who has an 18 year old daughter who is profoundly autistic, and at least once a month masturbates and then goes about spreading feces and menses wherever she goes in the house.

Jackson Pollack. VIVID. VIVID.

Bill is lucky to have you and ABB.

PissedOffPencil said...

I feel all heartbroken for your brother. I just can't imagine how bad your health care system is. It's just heartbreaking...

Sweden isn't perfect but Bill would sure as hell get better treatment here.

monkey said...

oh, abb, i feel for you. i understand the red tape, the bullshit answers, the hurry-up-and-wait-game, lackadaisical attitude, and general abuse of power.
i manage an awesome crew of disabled (differently) adults and am continuously dismayed at the "case" managers, and uppper management in general. these are real people with real issues that need help, not the stigma attached.
bless you, sis, and bill. i sincerely hope bill will be gainfully employed soon and get his damn dentist appointment that he deserves.

Maureen O'Danu said...

Living on the other side of the state, I'm just as aggravated with our "Governor's" medicaid policies as you are.

I am also a social worker myself, and I can tell you that where I went to school at least, the sort of shit you're being put through was specifically taught against. UMKC works very hard to produce social workers who put the person before the condition, who look at peoples' strengths and help them use their strengths to counter their weaknesses, and learn excellent management skills.

Unfortunately, some people don't learn their lessons. You definitely have my sympathy. I have worked with people with developmental disabilities for years, including many people with autism, and I am intimately aware of the many issues created by the system.

bitchphd said...

ABB, that just fucking sucks. I hope the assholes called you back, but gawd.

Your point about being a caseworker instead of the sister you want to be is so, so true. And so fucking fucked up.

dondon009 said...

ABB you know that I'm a case manager to persons with developmental disabilities.
As such, I don't work for the system (this is a federal grant), I have to fight the system day in and day out.....
All I can say is as his legal guardian, they should not even be breathing near your brother without first asking your permission. This includes all of his caregivers, doctors, dentists, etc.
Lighting candles may not work, so you gotta keep fighting, keep bitching.... and whoop some ass!
It's the only way you're gonna get things done.

Sann said...

hey, one day last week-- I think Katie said that there would be a special announcement on the Today Show--what was it? I had to go to the J-O-B so I missed it

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